27 Exciting Thriller Books For 12 Year Olds (7th Grade)

As children enter their teenage years, their reading preferences often shift towards more thrilling and suspenseful narratives. Thriller books offer the perfect blend of suspense and adventure that keep them engaged.

In this post, we’ll explore the 27 Exciting Thriller Books For 12 Year Olds.

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The thriller books mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the Best Thriller Books For 12 Year Olds.

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Overview Of The 27 Exciting Thriller Books For 12 Year Olds

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The Prisoner of Cell 25

“The Prisoner of Cell 25” by Richard Paul Evans. It follows Michael Vey, a teenager with electric powers. Michael navigates high school life while keeping his abilities a secret and befriends another student, Taylor, who has similar powers. Together they find a secret organization kidnapping teens with special abilities and begin a dangerous rescue mission to save their abducted friends.

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Escape Room

In “Escape Room” by Maren Stoffels, four teenagers, Alissa, Sky, Miles, and Mint are excited to take on the challenge of an escape room. The rules seem clear, choose a game, get locked in a room, solve the mysteries, and exit within 60 minutes. It should be a night of thrilling fun, but their adventure takes a horrifying turn when they realize the Game Master has a wicked intention of making them captive.

Witch Hollow and the Fountain Riddle

In “Witch Hollow and the Fountain Riddle” by I.D. Blind, Eric returns to the town of Hollow to help his friends who are facing strange weather and dangers. As he delves into the mystery, he finds details about a witch. To solve the mystery, Eric and his friends begin a journey to the past. Join them in this adventure of magic and suspense.

Escape from Lucien

In “Escape from Lucien” by Kazu Kibuishi, Navin and his friends go on a dangerous journey to Lucien, a city destroyed by war and filled with strange creatures. They’re looking for an important beacon that they need to fight against the King. However, they discover some very dark secrets about King. Join Navin and his friends as they face danger and find secrets on their adventure.

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Seconds Away

In “Seconds Away” by Harlan Coben, Mickey continues his journey to find the secrets of the Abeona Shelter and the death of his father while facing the challenges of a new high school. But things take a turn when their classmate Rachel is shot, and Mickey, along with his friends gets caught up in a mystery. They must protect themselves from the dangers.

The Cobalt Prince

In “The Cobalt Prince” by Mark Siegel, Oona Lee continues her mission to save the Five Worlds from the end. She must now travel to Toki and meet her sister while finding the secrets of the Cobalt Prince. To succeed, Oona must stop a dangerous plan.

The Perilous Road

In “The Perilous Road” by William O. Steele, follows a journey through the American Civil War alongside Chris Brabson. As he faces the challenges of war, Chris’s growth and relationships add depth to the story. While themes of freedom and facing difficulties, make this a thrilling event in history.

The Golden Lion

In “The Golden Lion” by Mike Maihack, follows Cleo, When she discovers that the powerful Golden Lion star has been found, she begins on a mission to find it. However, she faces a new enemy who is determined to destroy both Cleo and the Golden Lion. Join Cleo on her adventure as she faces danger and fights to protect the galaxy from this danger.

The Last Council

In “The Last Council” by Kazu Kibuishi, Emily and her friends arrive in Cielis to find help, but something is wrong. Emily is taken to the Academy, where she must compete for a spot on the Guardian Council. However, as the competition progresses and the number of players decreases, a shocking secret unravels. Join Emily on this journey as she finds the truth and fights for survival.

The Hobbit

“The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien tells the story of Thorin and his group on a mission to reclaim their stolen gold from the dragon Smaug. They get the help of Bilbo, a Hobbit. Together, they face numerous challenges and dangers. Join them on this journey of courage and the magic of adventure.


In “Bunnicula” by Andrew Donkin, Harold the dog and Chester the cat are on a mission to find the truth about the new pet in the household. This bunny has strange habits and even this innocent rabbit becomes a vampire. Join Harold and Chester as they begin an adventure.

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Spy School Revolution

In Spy School Revolution by Stuart Gibbs, join Ben Ripley, a superspy, on another thrilling adventure. Just when Ben thinks things will go back to normal, a bomb attack reveals that his colleague, Erica, is responsible. Now, Ben must prove Erica’s innocence and find the truth. Prepare for an adventure filled with surprises and the ultimate test of friendship.

Rebel Undercover

Rebel Undercover by Lisa McMann takes us to Estero City, where the trouble is brewing. The president’s true identity is exposed. The Forgotten Five and their partners suspect the president’s corruption. To find the truth, they create a plan. Lada goes secret to gather information. Get ready for a thrilling adventure filled with suspense and intrigue.

Shadow School

“Shadow School” by J. A. White, follows Claudia, who moves to New Hampshire and finds herself in a haunted school. Claudia can see the ghosts, but no one else can, except for Agnes and Benji. Together, they form a team and begin an adventure to help the ghosts find peace.

Six of Crows

In “Six of Crows” by Leigh Bardugo, meet Kaz Brekker and his group. The story happens in a place called Ketterdam, Kaz, who’s really good at being a criminal, gets a chance for a risky heist that could make him very rich. But he can’t do it alone, he needs help from his team, who each have unique skills. This story takes you on a thrilling adventure full of mystery.

The Secret Keepers

“The Secret Keepers” by Trenton Lee Stewart follows the adventures of Reuben, a young boy who finds a mysterious watch. This watch grants him the ability to become invisible, transforming his ordinary life. However, having this unique power also exposes Reuben to danger, as a powerful opponent wants to get the watch’s abilities.

The Alchemyst

“The Alchemyst” by Michael Scott introduces twins Sophie and Josh, who find themselves in a battle when they meet Nicholas, an alchemist. They fight against dark forces to get an ancient book, that holds the key to incredible power. As the journey goes on, the twins discover their hidden abilities and face dangerous enemies, exploring a world of magic.

The Naturals

“The Naturals” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes introduces Cassie, a girl with a special talent for analyzing people. Recruited by the FBI, Cassie joins a group of teenagers known as “The Naturals.” Together, they solve cases and hunt down criminals by using their skills. Cassie must navigate the challenges of her new life while facing personal demons from her past.

The Twin

“The Twin” by Natasha Preston follows Ivy and Iris, the twins who reunite after their mother’s tragic death. As Iris moves in with Ivy and their father, Ivy notices changes in her sister’s behavior. Iris becomes increasingly influential, charming Ivy’s friends and teachers. Ivy starts feeling worried, imagining that Iris might have ill intentions towards her.

Code of Honor

“Code of Honor” by Alan Gratz, follows Kamran Smith, a teenager. Kamran respects his older brother Darius, a U.S. soldier until Darius is blamed of being a terrorist and betrays his country. Devastated by the charges against his brother, Kamran is determined to clear Darius’s name and find the truth behind the allegations.

The Fear

“The Fear” by Natasha Preston is set in a small town where a meme about fears turns scary. Izzy notices something’s wrong when her classmates start dying due to their fears. She’s determined to find the killer and investigates various people. As Izzy digs deeper, she gets closer to the truth and faces her fears.


“Legend” by Marie Lu happens in a divided country called the Republic, where a lot of battles happen. June, a girl from a rich family, and Day, a criminal from a poor area, live very different lives. But they meet when June’s brother is killed, and Day is blamed for it. As they try to stay alive and seek revenge, they discover big secrets about their country.


“Stormbreaker” by Anthony Horowitz introduces Alex Rider, a teenager who finds himself involved in the world of spying. After the death of his uncle, Alex learns that his guardian was a secret agent. Soon, he’s recruited by MI6 and trained to complete his uncle’s mission. Packed with action and suspense, Alex begins a thrilling adventure, facing challenges and dangers along the way.

Enola Holmes and the Mark of the Mongoose

“Enola Holmes and the Mark of the Mongoose” by Nancy Springer is about Enola Holmes, Sherlock Holmes’s sister. When an American book publisher, Balestier disappears, Enola gets involved in the investigation, even though her brother Sherlock is already on the case. She’s determined to find Balestier herself and find the truth. It’s an exciting story about Enola’s courage and cleverness as she dives into this mystery.


“Found” by Harlan Coben, follows Mickey, a teenager dealing with tragedy. After his father’s death and his mother’s stay in recovery, Mickey moves in with his uncle. When his new friend disappears and a message suggests she might be alive, Mickey, along with his friends, sets out to find the truth. As they delve deeper into the mystery, they find secrets that put them in danger.

Point Blank

“Point Blank” by Anthony Horowitz follows teenage spy Alex Rider as he investigates a strange case of mysterious deaths connected to a school. MI6 sends Alex underground to the school. Something seems off, and Alex feels danger around the surface. Tasked with solving the case, Alex races against time to find the truth.

The Parasite

“The Parasite” by Richard Paul, continues after Michael Vey and his friends have settled into their normal life. As they plan a reunion during a school break, a new threat emerges. This enemy is more challenging than any they’ve faced before. The peace they’ve enjoyed is shattered, forcing Michael and his friends to gather their powers once again to face this enemy.


We hope that our list of thriller books for 12 year olds has given you some great options to choose from and you and your 7th grader will have fun while exploring these thriller books together.

The thriller books recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best Thriller Books For 12 Year Olds. While I may not have personally read all of these books, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which thriller book your 7th grader enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite book that we missed. Please leave your comments and feedback below.

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