17 Best Science Fiction Books for 13 Year-Olds (8th Graders)

Science fiction is a great genre for young readers because it allows them to explore worlds beyond their own and consider the possibilities of the future. With so many great science fiction books out there, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 17 Best Science Fiction Books for 13 Year-Olds.

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The science fiction books mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best Science Fiction Books for 13 Year-Olds

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If you’re in a hurry and looking for some of the Best Science Fiction Books for 13 year-olds, Look no further! We have curated a list of the three Best Science Fiction Books.

Overview Of The 17 Best Science Fiction Books for 13 Year-Olds

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Ben Archer and the Alien Skill

In Ben Archer and the Alien Skill by Rae Knightly, Ben Archer, and his alien friend Mesmo continue to escape from government agents as they hide out along the Rocky Mountains. Ben is adjusting to his new life, attending school and making friends, but his inner madness grows as the alien ability makes him sick and questions his own identity.

Meanwhile, the search for answers about the alien presence continues, leading to hidden enemies and a thrilling science-fiction adventure.

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The Maze Runner

“The Maze Runner” by James Dashner takes readers on a journey into a mysterious and dangerous world. Set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, the story revolves around Thomas, a young boy who wakes up in a residence called the Glade, with no memory of his past life. Thomas discovers that the Glade is surrounded by a massive maze occupied by deadly creatures known as Grievers. The maze is a complex puzzle that changes every day, making escape seemingly impossible. Together with a group of fellow teenage boys, Thomas begins a journey to solve the secrets of the maze and find a way out.

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Skyward by Brandon Sanderson. The story is set in a world where humans are under attack by an alien species known as the Krell, and the only hope for survival is through the skills of the pilots who fight them. Spensa is a young girl whose dream is to become a pilot like her father. Spensa’s dreams seem impossible, as her father’s actions have made her rejected.

Despite this, Spensa is determined to prove herself and become a pilot. With the help of her friends and ship, Spensa enters flight school and finds secrets to pursue her dreams.

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Star Wars: The High Republic: Into the Dark

Star Wars: The High Republic by Claudia Gray. The story is about Reath and a team of Jedi. Reath wants to stay at the Jedi Temple, but things change and trouble spreads across the galaxy. When their ship is damaged, Reath and the Jedi find safety on an empty space station. As odd things occur, they explore the station’s secrets that might bring about a sad ending.


Scythe by Neal Shusterman. The story revolves around two teenagers, Citra and Rowan, who are chosen as trainees by a famous Scythe. As they delve deeper into their training, they learn the art of gleaning, the process of taking lives to maintain the balance of the population. However, they soon discover that not all Scythes follow moral principles. Citra and Rowan find themselves caught in political intrigue as they navigate the complex world of Scythes. They must face their beliefs and make difficult choices that will shape the future of their society.

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The Elite

In ‘The Elite’ by Kiera Cass, a girl named America is in a place called a palace. There used to be thirty-five girls trying to win the heart of a prince, but now there are only six left. America has a hard choice to make. She has feelings for the prince, who might become a king, and she could be his queen. But she also still loves someone from her past, named Aspen.

The Angel Experiment

“The Angel Experiment” by James Patterson takes readers on a journey through a world where children can fly. Max and her friends may seem like ordinary kids at first, but they have incredible abilities that make their lives extraordinary. When Angel is kidnapped and taken back to the School where they were experimented on, Max and her friends begin on a dangerous mission to save her.

Dead Moon Rising

“Dead Moon Rising” by Caitlin Sangster tells the story of Sev, who is faced with a challenge. She needs to solve the mystery behind her mother’s last words and find a cure for Sickness. However, Sev’s decision not to share important information with Dr. Yang leads her stuck in an endless sleep. As she tries to overcome this problem, Sev must navigate through difficulties and find a way to awaken from her deep sleep. The book explores Sev’s journey to find the truth and fight against the odds.

The Scorch Trials

In The Scorch Trials, James Dashner takes readers on another thrilling adventure. The story picks up right where The Maze Runner left off, as Thomas and his friends find themselves in a new challenge. Escaping the maze was just the beginning, and now they must navigate the scorching wasteland, facing dangers at every turn. Thomas continues to be a leader, grappling with tough decisions and struggling to solve the mystery.

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In Marissa Meyer’s book “Scarlet,” the story continues with Cinder as she tries to escape from prison. However, if she succeeds, she’ll become the most wanted person. Meanwhile, a girl named Scarlet is searching for her missing grandmother. When Scarlet meets a street fighter named Wolf who might have information, they both gather. As they uncover mysteries, they cross paths with Cinder, and together, they must face the challenges, The story is a mix of adventure, romance, and danger as these characters face challenges in a futuristic world.

The Never Hero

In “The Never Hero” by T. Ellery Hodges, Jonathan Tibbs, is thrust into the role of a hero. Jonathan is tasked with fighting against a powerful Enemy. Jonathan stands as Earth’s defender against this threat, but he realizes that the typical hero’s journey doesn’t fit his situation. Determined to save the world, he must find his own unique path. The book explores the challenges and choices of a hero in a suspenseful and thrilling history.


In “Abducted” by Ken Warner, when aliens come to Earth in a spaceship, it’s clear we’re not alone in the universe. But these aliens are dangerous. They cause a lot of damage. Sydney and Brian, two people on Earth, have to deal with the problems left after the Malor’s visit. A stranger brings Sydney a message that more people are being taken by aliens. Sydney and Brian work to find out who’s behind it all. As they dig deeper, Sydney finds something shocking that changes everything.

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

“The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” by Suzanne Collins.

The book is about a young person named Snow, who belongs to a family that has lost. He becomes a mentor for participants in the 10th Hunger Games and meets a singer named Lucy. While their friendship grows and the Games unfold, the story explores important themes like suspense and survival.

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Ben Archer and the Star Rider

In “Ben Archer and the Star Rider” by Rae Knightly, Ben Archer finds himself in trouble after deciding to reveal his alien powers to the media. Hoping to spread an important message, he instead becomes a horror in the eyes of the public. However, there are evil forces watching his every move. When Ben is kidnapped, his loyal friend Mesmo starts a search to find him. Along the way, Mesmo finds a danger that could cost him his life.


In Starsight by Brandon Sanderson, readers are taken on a journey alongside Spensa, a young pilot determined to find the truth about her father. Spensa sets out to find answers and challenge herself. As Spensa begins for the safety of her planet, she faces the mysterious Krell. With each disclosure, new questions arise, further deepening the mystery, she faces enemies.

With its intense action and suspense, Starsight is a must-read for fans of science fiction and adventure.

Wake Me After the Apocalypse

In “Wake Me After the Apocalypse” by Jordan Rivet.

When a big space rock comes close to Earth, Joanna is picked to go to a safe place underground. She goes with her team, thinking they will build a new world there. But when Joanna wakes up, she’s alone with only bones around. She needs to figure out what happened to her friends, find a way out, and accept that she might be the only person left alive.

The Coordinate

“The Coordinate” by Marc Jacobs follows Logan and Emma, high school seniors. Assigned to work on a history project together, they find clues hidden within the project. These clues lead them to solve an ancient mystery. As they begin on this adventure, Logan and Emma’s relationship deepens, and they become part of a thrilling race across the world to find humanity’s past and secure its future.


Science fiction books offer teenagers an imaginative and engaging world where they can explore complex concepts and ideas. By introducing your 13 Year-Old to science fiction books, you can help them develop a love for reading that will benefit them throughout their academic career.

The science fiction books mentioned in this post have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best Science Fiction Books for 13 Year-Olds. While I may not have personally read all of them, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We hope that this list has been helpful in finding the perfect Science Fiction Books for 13 Year-Olds. We would love to hear from you! Which of these books caught your eye? Have you already read any of them? Let us know in the comments below.

We wish your 8th graders all the best on their reading journey and hope that they will continue to explore the wonderful world of books Happy reading!


What is science fiction?

Science fiction is a genre of literature that explores imaginative and futuristic concepts, often involving advanced technology, scientific discoveries, space exploration, and the impact of these on society and individuals.

How can parents support their 13-year-olds in exploring science fiction books?

Parents can support their 13-year-olds by providing a variety of science fiction books, engaging in discussions about the stories, and encouraging them to express their thoughts and ideas. They can also help find additional resources or connect with online communities centered around science fiction literature.

What makes science fiction books suitable for 13-year-olds?

Science fiction books for 13-year-olds typically feature relatable characters, exciting adventures, and thought-provoking themes that resonate with their age group. They often blend action, creativity, and scientific concepts in an accessible and engaging way.


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