30 Best Mystery Books For 6th Graders (Age 11)

At the age of 11, 6th graders are starting to explore more complex and thrilling stories, making it the perfect time to introduce them to the world of mystery books. These stories will not only entertain but also encourage their critical thinking skills and creativity. Here, we’ve compiled a list of mystery books that are made for 6th graders.

In this post, we will explore the 30 Best Mystery Books For 6th Graders.

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The mystery books mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best Mystery Books for 6th Graders.

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Overview Of The 30 Best Mystery Books For 6th Graders

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Among the Free

“Among the Free” by Margaret Peterson Haddix tells the story of Luke, a third-born who takes big risks to fight against strict laws. In the last part of the series, Luke starts a revolution that gets rid of the old government, giving people their freedom. Join Luke in this exciting ending where he changes the world.

City of the Dead 

In “City of the Dead” by James Ponti, meet Kat, a young spy who’s really good at solving mysteries. When there are cyberattacks in London, Kat is chosen to lead the mission because of her skills. As they follow clues to Egypt, Kat realizes that the mission is super complicated, and it will change the City Spies forever.

Riddles and Danger

In “Riddles and Danger” by Bryan Chick, meet the Action Scouts, Noah, Megan, Richie, and Ella. They have a special treehouse overlooking the City Zoo. One day, they stumble upon a magical world hidden within the zoo, where mysteries await. Dive into this story of mysteries and danger to find out.

The Feather Chase

“The Feather Chase” by Shannon L. Brown introduces cousins Sophie and Jessica, who have different interests. However, when they find a mysterious briefcase in the woods and some bad people chase them, they have to work together to solve the mystery.

The Haunting on Heliotrope Lane

In “The Haunting on Heliotrope Lane” by Carolyn Keene, Nancy helps her classmate Willa, who’s worried about their friend Izzy. They think something strange is happening to Izzy after they go into a spooky house. Izzy acted really weird and couldn’t remember anything. Nancy wants to find out what’s going on and solve this mystery.

The Treasure Key

In “The Treasure Key” by Shannon L. Brown, cousins Sophie and Jessica begin on a thrilling adventure after discovering a mysterious package and a clue. As they race against time and face dangerous enemies, they’re determined to find a treasure. Join Sophie and Jessica in this fun-filled mystery.

The Chocolate Spy

In “The Chocolate Spy” by Shannon L. Brown, Sophie and Jessica stumble upon trouble during a class trip to a chocolate factory. Their adventure takes a turn when they suspect the presence of criminals in this place. As they find themselves in danger once again, Sophie and Jessica must solve the mystery.

Artemis Fowl

In “Artemis Fowl” by Eoin Colfer, meet Artemis Fowl, a young mastermind who stumbles upon a hidden world beneath the Earth, occupied by armed fairies. Artemis creates a plan to kidnap one of these fairies and demands to restore his family’s fortune. Prepare for an adventure filled with magical encounters.

Serafina and the Twisted Staff

“Serafina and the Twisted Staff” by Robert Beatty is about Serafina, who used to hide but now lives in Biltmore Estate after beating the Man in the Black Cloak. Strange attacks on Estate test her as its protector. In the deep forest, Serafina faces a dark evil hurting the Estate. To save her home, Serafina must fight this strong new enemy.

The Girl in the Locked Room

In “The Girl in the Locked Room” by Mary Downing Hahn, a family moves into an old, abandoned house. While Jules’s parents are excited about the house, she feels fearful. When she spots a face in a window and discovers a locked room, her curiosity grows. Jules is determined to connect with this mysterious figure and unlock the secrets of the house’s history.

Among the Brave

In “Among the Brave” by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Trey has a tough job. He finds out that his friend Luke is caught by the Police. Trey wants to save Luke, even though he’s scared. He pretends to be a police officer to rescue him. This story is about being brave, making sacrifices, and surviving in a cruel world.

Raids and Rescues

In “Raids and Rescues” by Bryan Chick, Ella, Noah, Richie, and Megan face danger, and the Secret Zoo is at risk too. A world is hidden beneath the Zoo, where animals and humans live together in harmony. Yet, there are dangers and places they aren’t allowed to go. When their friends get trapped in a forbidden area, the kids must team up to save them.

Among the Enemy

In “Among the Enemy” by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Matthias is an illegal third child. His life changes when he saves a Police officer and is taken to their headquarters for training. There, he meets Nina, another third child, who asks for his help to challenge the Police. Join Matthias in this thrilling story of the fight for justice.

Harriet the Spy

In “Harriet the Spy” by Louise Fitzhugh, Harriet is a spy. With her notebook, she records everything she knows about everyone. However, when Harriet loses her notebook, it falls into the wrong hands. Now, Harriet must find a way to find the notebook. This novel teaches valuable lessons about the power of words.

Traps and Specters

In “Traps and Specters” by Bryan Chick, a group of middle school friends discovers a hidden zoo in their neighborhood. On Halloween night, they must face terrifying sasquatches attacking their school. The kids must team up with their rivals to save everyone.

Serafina and the Splintered Heart

In “Serafina and the Splintered Heart” by Robert Beatty, Serafina wakes up in the dark and discovers that life at the Estate has changed. Her friends are acting strangely, and there are enemies around. A mysterious danger is approaching Biltmore. Serafina must find out what’s happening and protect the Estate from the destruction.

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

In “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler” by E. L. Konigsburg, Claudia plans her adventure and chooses the Museum of Art as her temporary home, inviting her brother Jamie to join her. Together, they face challenges and captivated by a beautiful statue with an unknown creator. To solve this mystery, Claudia and Jamie begin on a journey to find the creator.

A Script for Danger

In “A Script for Danger” by Carolyn Keene, Nancy’s friend Alex is producing a movie in River Heights, and she invites Nancy and his friends to the set. However, as filming begins, an area explosion disrupts the set. Threatening notes on the scripts warn everyone to shut down the production, or else. Nancy must solve the mystery or risk the production going up in flames.


“Unplugged” by Gordon Korman is a story about Jett, a boy who used to have everything. One day, he’s dropped at a place called the Oasis. There, he must live a simpler life, and make friends with other kids. As time goes on, he starts to enjoy this new way of living. However, he notices strange behavior among the adults, leading him to investigate. Jett is determined to show he’s not just a kid and find the Oasis’s secrets.

Serafina and the Seven Stars

In “Serafina and the Seven Stars” by Robert Beatty, Serafina, the Guardian of Biltmore Estate, faces newfound challenges after her friend Braeden leaves. As she explores the estate, she discovers truths about Biltmore, leading her to question the nature of good and evil. In this story, Serafina navigates a maze of mysteries.

Famous Mistakes

In “Famous Mistakes” by Carolyn Keene, Nancy’s boyfriend Ned has a podcast, and he’s interviewing a comedian named Brady Owens. Brady got into trouble because of a video that lots of people saw. Nancy is helping with the interview, but when they go to Brady’s hotel room, they find it’s a mess. Nancy decides to find out what really happened. She uses social media and solve the mystery in a fun and suspenseful adventure.

Ava & Carol Detective Agency

In “Ava & Carol Detective Agency ” by Thomas Lockhaven, Ava and Carol, an energetic duo, are on a mission to catch thieves and rescue stolen jewels. They find a plot to smuggle the diamonds out of the country. To save the priceless gems, Ava and Carol must face the thieves smartly.

The Red Slippers

In “The Red Slippers” by Carolyn Keene, Nancy and Bess meet their old friend Maggie in River Heights. Maggie is a great dancer now and part of a special group performing Sleeping Beauty. Before the show, strange things happen. It seems like someone wants to hurt her performance. Nancy is determined to find out who’s doing this.

The Mystery of Solomon’s Ring

In “The Mystery of Solomon’s Ring” by Thomas Lockhaven, teen detectives Ava and Carol’s vacation in Italy takes a turn when they see a kidnapping. They become involved in a plot to steal King Solomon’s Ring. As they investigate further, they find the ring’s true power and must race against time to find it.

The Magician’s Secret

In “The Magician’s Secret” by Carolyn Keene, Nancy attends a magic show by Drake, a famous magician. During the performance, Drake makes the library disappear. But there’s a twist, Drake also disappears, and no one knows where he went. Nancy, along with her friends Bess and George, decides to solve the mystery.

The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn

In “The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn” by Carolyn Keene, Nancy, Bess, and George travel to South Carolina, for George’s cousin’s wedding. They stay at an old hotel with the other guests and soon realize that it’s one of Charleston’s most haunted hotels. Strange noises and events occur at night, making them doubtful. Nancy takes it upon herself to solve the ghostly mystery.

The Haunted Mansion

In “The Haunted Mansion” by Thomas Lockhaven, brave friends Ava and Carol explore a haunted house during Christmas. They want to prove it’s not really haunted, but things get spooky when Carol thinks she saw something! Determined to find the truth, Ava and Carol must solve the mysteries of the haunted house.

The Professor and the Puzzle

In “The Professor and the Puzzle” by Carolyn Keene, Nancy, Bess, and George look forward to the Greek mythology Oracle College. However, the atmosphere takes a dark turn when a student falls from the balcony during a speech. Nancy is determined to find the truth and start the investigation.

Arctic Incident

In “Arctic Incident” by Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl, the young mastermind receives an urgent video call from his father, who has been kidnapped by the Russian mafia. As Artemis runs to rescue his father, he meets a fairy from his previous adventures. This time, Artemis must put aside his past battles and join forces with them to save his father from a dangerous situation.

The Sign in the Smoke

In “The Sign in the Smoke” by Carolyn Keene, Nancy Drew and her friends, Bess and George, become camp advisers at Bess’s old camp. They hope for a break from solving mysteries but face trouble. During a swim lesson, Nancy is pulled underwater by something. Nancy investigates to protect her campers and friends.


We hope that our list of mystery books has given you some great options to choose from and you and your 6th grader will have fun while exploring these mysterious books together.

The mystery books recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best Mystery Books For 6th Graders. While I may not have personally read all of these mystery books, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which mystery book your 6th grader enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite book that we missed.

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