31 Incredible Mystery Books For 3rd Graders (Age 8)

As children enter the world of reading, it’s essential to provide them with books that not only captivate their imagination but also grow their minds. Mystery books are a fantastic genre for young readers. For 3rd graders (around the age of 8), mystery books can introduce them to critical thinking and problem-solving, all while keeping them entertained.

In this post, we will explore 31 Incredible Mystery Books For 3rd Graders.

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The mystery books mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best Mystery Books for 3rd Graders.

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Overview Of The 31 Incredible Mystery Books For 3rd Graders

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The L.A. Dodger

Join Kate and Mike in “The L.A. Dodger” by David A. Kelly. During their spring break, they visit Kate’s dad, and things get mysterious. They get scary calls, and they feel like someone’s watching them. Get ready for an exciting adventure filled with suspense.

Robot Rumble

Join Frank, Joe, and Phil in “Robot Rumble” by Franklin W. Dixon. It’s time for the Science Fair, and they’re determined to win with their homemade robot, Mr. Roboto. But the robot goes missing right before the fair! The boys need to find out what happened and get Mr. Roboto back in time for the competition. Get ready for an exciting mystery filled with science and adventure!

The Rookie Blue Jay

In “The Rookie Blue Jay” by David A. Kelly, Mike and Kate are happy to see Dusty Martin, their favorite baseball player, in action. But Dusty is not playing well, and they see strange lights on the field. Mike thinks the place might have ghosts. This exciting story mixes baseball and mysteries.

Balloon Blow-Up

Join Frank and Joe in “Balloon Blow-Up” by Franklin W. Dixon. The Hardy boys are happy to assist with the Green balloon at the Festival parade. However, a problem arises when the balloon gets pulled! People think Joe might be responsible, and the brothers must show he didn’t do it. Can the brothers solve the mystery and rescue the parade? Get ready for an exciting journey with lots of surprises!

The Rangers Rustlers

“The Rangers Rustlers” by David A. Kelly. Mike and Kate are thrilled to attend a Rangers game, but their excitement turns to disappointment when they realize Mike’s shirt is fake. A bad person is making fake shirts and tricking fans. Mike and Kate must team up to catch that person.

A Rockin’ Mystery

In “A Rockin’ Mystery” by Franklin W. Dixon, meet Frank and Joe. Crush, a popular band, is performing in a music competition, and their friend, Dylan, plays the guitar. But Dylan’s guitar disappears on the performance day! Follow along as Frank and Joe find the truth and help to avoid trouble!

The Philly Fake

Join Mike and Kate in “The Philly Fake” by David A. Kelly. They love baseball in Philadelphia. The baseball team called the Phillies is not winning, and some folks believe the Phillie Phanatic is making it happen. Will Mike and Kate be able to prove that the Phanatic is innocent? Get ready for a journey with lots of mysteries.

The Mystery of the Monkey House

Join Cam Jansen in “The Mystery of the Monkey House” by David A. Adler. Mysteries happen everywhere, even at the zoo. Monkeys are missing from their cage. Cam wants to know how the thief took them. Join Cam as she finds the monkeys using her problem-solving skills.

Lights, Camera . . . Zombies! 

Join Frank, Joe, and their friends in “Lights, Camera . . . Zombies!” by Franklin W. Dixon. Bayport gets really excited when moviemakers arrive to make a zombie film. The boys are super happy to see fake zombies and meet famous actors. But things get strange when a friend says they saw a real zombie. Be prepared for a mysterious adventure with zombies and lots of fun!

Fossil Frenzy

Join Frank and Joe in “Fossil Frenzy” by Franklin W. Dixon. The Hardy brothers are excited about their school science trip to the Museum. They’re going to see dinosaur skeletons, Tico finds a dinosaur tooth, but Aisha claims she found it first. When a tooth goes missing, everyone suspects Aisha. Frank and Joe have to investigate to find out the truth.

The Mystery at the Haunted House

In “The Mystery at the Haunted House” by David A. Adler, join Cam Jansen as she faces mysteries everywhere, even at an amusement park. After a visit to the Haunted House, Cam’s aunt’s wallet goes missing. Join Cam as she uses her detective skills to figure out who might be behind the disappearance.

Take the Plunge

Meet Mango and Brash, the InvestiGators, in “Take the Plunge” by John Patrick Green. These agents are on a new mission, saving their headquarters from an attack. Disguised as workers, they dive into a sticky situation. But their plan goes wrong, and they end up in trouble. Can they catch the criminal, and save the city from chaos?

Nate the Great and the Monster Mess

Join Nate in “Nate the Great and the Monster Mess” by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat. Nate’s favorite Monster Cookie recipe has disappeared, and he’s determined to solve the mystery. With his trusty dog, Sludge, they search for clues. Will Nate be able to figure out who took it and solve the mystery.

Encyclopedia Brown Finds the Clues

“Encyclopedia Brown Finds the Clues” by Donald J. Sobol. Join Leroy Brown, known as Encyclopedia Brown. Leroy is a small detective. With his amazing knowledge, he solves mysteries for kids in his own agency. In each book, there are puzzling mysteries for you to solve too.

Nate the Great and the Stolen Base

Follow Nate in “Nate the Great and the Stolen Base” by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat. There’s something special about Rosamund’s baseball team, their second base is a purple plastic octopus! But one day, it’s gone! Now, Nate has a mission to find clues and solve the mystery of the missing octopus.

The Ghostly Mystery

Join Cam Jansen in “The Ghostly Mystery” by David A. Adler. Cam and her friends are at a ticket booth to buy tickets. They see someone dressed as a ghost scaring people. This causes a woman to be robbed. Can Cam find out how these things are connected and catch the robber?

Off the Hook

“Off the Hook” by John Patrick Green. Meet Mango and Brash, who are secret agents. They’re on an adventure to help the GATOR. But their biggest enemy comes back in a surprising new way. He’s making a team of supervillains! Now Mango and Brash must decide whether to save themselves or stop the villains. Join them on this exciting mission!

Nate the Great and the Musical Note

In “Nate the Great and the Musical Note” by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat, Nate gets a strange note. The note tells what to do at four o’clock. Nate and his dog, Sludge, begin to look for clues in Rosamond’s garage. Can they solve the mystery before it’s too late?

The Not-So-Itsy-Bitsy Spider

“The Not-So-Itsy-Bitsy Spider” by Joe McGee. Wolver Hollow is a unique town where kids know about monsters. Weird things happen there. Join the adventure in Wolver Hollow.

The Chocolate Fudge Mystery

Join Cam Jansen in “The Chocolate Fudge Mystery” by David A. Adler. Mysteries always seem to find Cam, even when she’s selling candy with her friend Eric. When they notice something unusual at an empty house, Cam’s curiosity leads her to investigate. Get ready for a suspenseful adventure filled with clues and surprises!

Nate the Great and the Fishy Prize

Join Nate the Great and his dog, Sludge, in “Nate the Great and the Fishy Prize” by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat. Nate plans to enter the smartest pet contest with Sludge, but the prize suddenly disappears. Now, it’s up to Nate and Sludge to solve the mystery and find the missing prize.

The Catnapping Mystery

Follow Cam Jansen in “The Catnapping Mystery” by David A. Adler. When Cam visits her aunt Molly at a hotel, a cat, goes missing. Come along with Cam as she solves this mystery in an exciting adventure!

Nate the Great and the Big Sniff

In “Nate the Great and the Big Sniff” by Mitchell Sharmat, follow Nate, the young detective, who works to solve mysteries with his dog, Sludge. However, this time, Sludge is missing! Despite searching everywhere, Nate can’t find Sludge. But as the story unfolds, Nate discovers that Sludge can actually play a vital role in solving the case. Join Nate in this exciting adventure of friendship.

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Mystery In Rocky Mountain National Park

‘Mystery In Rocky Mountain National Park’ by Aaron Johnson. Jake’s grandfather left behind a hidden mystery, and Jake, along with his friends Amber and Wes follow clues into the wild Rocky Mountain National Park. They learn about nature, survival, and doing the right thing.

Legend of the Star Runner

In “Legend of the Star Runner” by J.I. Wagner, Timmi Tobbson and friends begin on a journey to save a friend by solving clues from their family’s past. With just one day left, they work to find the secrets of a lost pirate ship hidden under the city. Get ready for an intense adventure as they race against time and find hidden treasures!

Grand Teton Stampede

In “Grand Teton Stampede” by C. R. Fulton, a boy named Isaiah wants to go on a camping trip. His family decides to go to a place called Grand Teton National Park. One day, he and his cousin Ethan and sister Sadie find themselves alone in this park. They wonder if something caused the animals. They try to solve the mystery and figure out what really happened.

Hall Monitors

In “Hall Monitors” by Marcus Emerson, meet Parker, the leader of the Hall Monitors at School. These Hall Monitors are responsible for keeping things in order. After an incident, the principal wants to shut down the program. But Parker, along with the power of YouTube, is determined to save the Hall Monitors. Join Parker and his friends as they try to solve the mystery.

The Mostly Invisible Boy

In “The Mostly Invisible Boy” by AJ Vanderhorst, you’ll meet Casey, a boy who often feels unnoticed at his school. One day, he discovers a secret place in a big tree and begins an adventure. Alongside his sister Gloria, he learns survival skills and battles monsters. Casey and his friends need to find old magic to save everyone. It’s a story of adventure, friendship, and bravery in a secret world.

The Area 51 Files

In “The Area 51 Files” by Julie Buxbaum, Sky finds herself at Area 51, a secret military base filled with aliens. With her pet and new friends, Sky discovers that some parts are missing when she arrives. As they begin on a mission to solve the mystery, they must find the truth behind the disappearances. Join Sky and her friends in this exciting adventure.

Girl’s Best Friend

Join Maggie in “Girl’s Best Friend” by Leslie Margolis as she takes on a mission. Dogs are disappearing from her neighborhood, and Maggie is determined to help. When her friend Kermit, Maggie steps in to investigate. Get ready for a story of mystery and suspense as Maggie works to solve the case and save the dogs!

Trickery School

In “Trickery School” by AJ Vanderhorst, Casey joins a special school to learn about monsters and magic. But trouble arises when someone targets him and mysterious enemies appear. With the help of his friends, Casey must solve the mystery and face danger with courage. Join him in this adventure of friendship and bravery in a world of magic.


We hope that our list of mystery books has given you some great options to choose from and you and your 3rd grader will have fun while exploring these mystery books together.

The mystery books recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best Mystery Books For 3rd Graders. While I may not have personally read all of these mystery books, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which book your 8 year old enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite mystery book that we missed. Please leave your comments and feedback below.

Best wishes and happy reading to you and your family!

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