25 Exciting Mystery Books For 1st Graders (Age 6)

When it comes to encouraging young minds, introducing them to the world of literature is a major initiative. Among the diverse genres available, mystery books stand out as an excellent choice for 1st graders

In this post, we will explore 25 Exciting Mystery Books For 1st Graders.

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The mystery books mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best Mystery Books For 1st Graders.

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Overview Of The 25 Exciting Mystery Books For 1st Graders

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Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds

In “Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds,” by David A. Adler, follows the dynamic duo of Cam and her friend Eric. Their mall tour takes a turn when a jewelry store heist occurs before their eyes. Cam is really good at noticing things and she figures out who the thief is. But the police catch the wrong person. Cam doesn’t give up though. She’s very determined and clever, and she decides to find the real thief herself. The story is exciting and keeps you interested in how Cam solves the mystery and makes things right again.

The Haunted Hotel

In “The Haunted Hotel” by Ron Roy, In Green Lawn, a spooky ghost is making the Hotel terrifying. Weird sounds and strange things are scaring everyone away. People might leave the town if it keeps up. But don’t worry, because Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are here. They’re friends who want to solve this ghost mystery.

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The Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones

In “The Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones” by David A. Adler, meet the clever detective Cam Jansen who can’t escape mysteries, not even during a museum field trip. Cam and her classmates are exploring the museum when she discovers that some bones are missing from a dinosaur skeleton. Cam’s challenge is to find the thief and the missing bones.

Nate the Great Goes Undercover

“Nate the Great Goes Undercover” by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat. Every night, someone is going through Oliver’s trash. Nate the Great has a smart idea, he’ll hide and watch. He goes under the lid of the garbage can to catch the sneaky person. This story is about Nate’s plan to solve the mystery and find the troublemaker.

Think Like a Detective

“Think Like a Detective” by David Pakman is a book that helps kids learn how to think smart and solve problems in fun ways. It teaches about looking at things carefully and using your brain to figure stuff out. The book has colorful pictures and stories that make it easy to understand.

 The Case of the Brazilian Vase

“The Case of the Brazilian Vase” introduces us to Patrick Picklebottom, who’s really good at thinking carefully. Patrick and his friend Claire have a talent for solving mysteries. Patrick always finds new problems to solve. Get ready to join Patrick on his mysterious journey!


“Batman” by John Sazaklis. This book reveals how young Bruce Wayne becomes the heroic Batman. This action-packed book takes you through Bruce’s transformation into the iconic superhero. Join him on his thrilling journey from a young boy to a powerful Batman.

The Fenway Foul-up

“The Fenway Foul-up” by David A. Kelly is about cousins Mike and Kate who go to a Red Sox game. While watching, they see someone steal Big D’s special bat, and this causes problems for the team. Kate and Mike want to help, so they try to find the bat thief. They work hard to solve the mystery and help the Red Sox win.

The Boxcar Children

‘The Boxcar Children’ by Gertrude Chandler Warner. Follows four brave siblings, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny. They don’t have a home and they’re all alone, but when they find an empty boxcar in the woods, they decide to live there. It’s a story about how they stick together and have exciting adventures.

Surprise Island

‘In Surprise Island’ by Gertrude Chandler Warner, the siblings spend their summer on their grandfather’s island. However, as the kids explore the island more, they find surprising secrets about the island.

The Yellow House Mystery

‘The Yellow House Mystery’ by Gertrude Chandler Warner. This story follows an old yellow house there with a big secret. A man went missing from the house a long time ago, and nobody knows why. The Alden family finds a lost clue and decides to solve the mystery. They go on a new adventure to discover the hidden truth.

Penny and Pepper

‘Penny and Pepper’ by Jeanne Betancourt. Penny spends her summer in the countryside with her grandparents. They give Penny a surprise, a pony named Pepper! With new friends Tom and Tina, Penny and Pepper become detectives, solving mysteries in their neighborhood. This is an exciting story full of adventure and friendship.

The Pinstripe Ghost

In ‘The Pinstripe Ghost’ by David A. Kelly, Mike, and Kate go to Yankee Stadium with Kate’s mom. They hear a thing: people say Babe Ruth’s ghost is in the stadium! Mike and Kate want to find out. Get set for a fun adventure!

The Canary Caper

“The Canary Caper” by Ron Roy introduces us to a puzzling situation in Green Lawn. In this story, Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are faced with a challenge as pets start disappearing. The young trio turns into detectives, delving into the case of the disappearing animals. This book shows an engaging journey as the kids work together to find the truth behind these pet disappearances.

The Empty Envelope

In “The Empty Envelope” by Ron Roy, a mystery starts when Dink gets weird letters. The letters have the wrong name but the group wonders if there’s a hidden message. Along with friends Josh and Ruth Rose, they work together to figure it out. As the three friends use their skills to solve the mystery, showing how good they are at working together.

Once Upon a Tim

In ‘Once Upon a Tim’ by Stuart Gibbs, meet Tim who dreams big despite being a regular person. He lives in a place where only princes are successful, but he’s determined to change that. When Princess Grace is caught, Tim sees his chance to become a hero. Even though he’s not skilled, he’s brave and wants to save her. This story is about chasing dreams and doing what’s right.

Trouble at the Arcade

“In ‘Trouble at the Arcade’ by Franklin W. Dixon, meet Frank and Joe. They find something suspicious happening at the arcade and they must use their skills and bravery to solve this mystery. Join their adventure as they become young detectives, discovering the secrets at the local arcade.

The Labyrinth of Doom

In ‘The Labyrinth of Doom’ by Stuart Gibbs, Prince takes Princess Grace and puts her in a tricky maze. Now, Tim, Belinda, Ferkle, and Rover must use their skills to save her. They’ll meet scary creatures, deal with hard things, and solve puzzles in the maze. This is an exciting story about their brave adventure to rescue the princess before time runs out.

The Missing Mitt

In ‘The Missing Mitt’ by Franklin W. Dixon, the boys work together to help their friend find his lucky glove before the big game. If they don’t, their whole Little League season might be in trouble. This story is about friends helping each other and solving tricky problems.

The Eleventh Hour

In ‘The Eleventh Hour’ by Graeme Base, Horace the elephant has a big costume party for his eleventh birthday. But there’s a problem, someone ate the food! The book shows hints. You can be a detective and find out who did it. This book is like a game where you search for clues and solve the mystery.

The Surprise Storm

In ‘The Surprise Storm’ by Jessica Brody, a big storm messes up the castle, especially Aurora’s room. The princesses try to stop the mess, but Aurora’s room is ruined when she’s not there. But these brave princesses don’t give up. They team up, use their skills, and fix the castle before Aurora returns. This book is about working together, using talents, and making things better.

Nate the Great and the Lost List

In ‘Nate the Great and the Lost List’ by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat, even though Nate and his dog are on vacation, they can’t fight a new mystery. Nate’s friend Claude loses his grocery list, and Nate wants to find it before lunchtime. But as time passes, the list is still missing. Nate worries about his detective reputation. Nate must put his skills to the test to solve this mystery.

The Bicycle Thief

In ‘The Bicycle Thief’ by Franklin W. Dixon, there’s a big bike race. Frank and Joe are racing and Frank’s bike goes missing! Can Frank and Joe solve the puzzle and find the bike? This story is about solving problems and teamwork.

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A Dragon in the Castle?

In ‘A Dragon in the Castle?’ by Jessica Brody, the princesses have their adventure during a party at the castle. They want to invite a new guest, but things don’t go as they expected. Now, they need the courage to save the castle and themselves from the destruction that comes next. Join the princesses as they learn about the strength of teamwork.

The Astro Outlaw

“The Astro Outlaw” by David A. Kelly. Mike and Kate visit the Space Center and meet the astronaut. He plans to show a moonrock at an event, but it’s stolen! Mike and Kate need to solve the mystery. Join the adventure as they use their detective skills to catch the thief and rescue the moonrock!

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We hope that our list of mystery books has given you some great options to choose from and you and your 1st grader will have joy while exploring these exciting books together.

The mystery books recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best Mystery Books For 1st Graders. While I may not have personally read all of these mystery books, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which book your 1st grader enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite book that we missed. Please leave your comments and feedback below.

Best wishes and happy reading to you and your family!

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