23 Best Mystery Books For 14 Year Olds (9th Grade)

Mystery books can be an excellent choice for 14 year olds, providing them with engaging stories that encourage their skills and creativity.

In this post, we will explore the 23 Best Mystery Books For 14 Year Olds (9th Grade).

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The mystery books mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best Mystery Books for 14 Year Olds.

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Overview Of The 23 Best Mystery Books For 14 Year Olds

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The Naturals

In “The Naturals” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Cassie has an extraordinary talent for reading people. They’ve created a secret program that uses talented teenagers to solve cold cases, and Cassie is their new asset. However, as she joins a group of teens with unique abilities, Cassie realizes that each member has their own secrets. When a new killer emerges, the Naturals find themselves in a deadly game, relying on their skills to survive.

If He Had Been with Me 

In “If He Had Been with Me” by Laura Nowlin, Autumn and Finn are very close friends, but something changes between them, and they are separated. As time goes by, Autumn has to think about the choices they made and how things might have turned out if they had never drifted apart.

One of Us Is Lying

“In One of Us Is Lying” by Karen M. McManus, five students find themselves at Bayview High. But things take a serious turn when Simon, the student dies during detention. It’s not an accident, and he planned to reveal secrets about the others. Now, they’re all under suspicion. The story is a suspense-filled journey into the depths of these characters’ lives.

Good Girl, Bad Blood

In “Good Girl, Bad Blood” by Holly Jackson, Pip has left her detective days after the success of a solved murder case. However, when someone she knows goes missing, Pip can’t ignore it. She dives back into investigating, finding more dark secrets in her town. Join her in this journey of suspense and mystery.

Cursed Moon

In “Cursed Moon” by Michelle Madow, Ruby faces a series of challenges. Rejected by her mate, she’s determined to take control of her own destiny. When dark witches offer her a deal involving the Key of Hades, Ruby sees an opportunity to change a spell that has made the world forget her existence. To find the key, she must navigate trials in the fae realm. However, the fae realm holds dangers and surprises.

Killer Instinct

In “Killer Instinct” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Cassie continues her journey with the Naturals. After escaping a dangerous meeting with a killer, Cassie hopes for less risky tasks. However, when a new serial killer emerges, the Naturals are drawn into a case that hits too close to home. They must navigate the killer’s mind games before falling into his deadly trap.

One of Us Is Next

In “One of Us Is Next” by Karen M. McManus, a year has passed since Simon’s death. However, a new game emerges to fill that gap. Phoebe is the first target, and the consequences of her choice are dark. As the game progresses, it becomes dangerous, and the players realize they can’t rely on the police for help or protection.

Dead Girls Can’t Tell Secrets

In “Dead Girls Can’t Tell Secrets” by Chelsea Ichaso, Piper has been in a coma following a mysterious hiking accident. Her sister, Savannah, begins to lose hope for answers until she discovers a note in Piper’s locker inviting her to a school meeting. This raises the possibility that someone might have witnessed the incident or been involved. Determined to find the truth, Savannah joins the club.

The Grace Year

In “The Grace Year” by Kim Liggett, girls in Garner County are taught about the grace year, where they must spend their sixteenth year away from society to release their powers. Tierney dreams of a better world. However, as her own grace year approaches, she realizes the dangers rise beyond nature, as the danger may come from the girls themselves. This story explores their relationships and challenging decisions filled with secrets.

The Queen of Attolia

“The Queen of Attolia” by Megan Whalen Turner tells the story of a clever thief named Eugenides, also known as Gen. He’s been sneaking into the palace of the Queen of Attolia many times, leaving small gifts behind. However, during his last attempt, things don’t go as planned, and he gets caught by the queen. This leads to a story filled with secrets and dangers.

All In

In “All In” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Cassie and her team, the Naturals, who are really good at solving mysteries, are asked to solve some really bad murders in Las Vegas. The killer is tricky. At the same time, Cassie is dealing with a mystery about her mom. Things get tense in the team, and they have to make hard choices.


In “Wanted” by Jo Ho, a teenager, meets a dog named Muttface and becomes friends. When they seek help from Sully, their lives take a dangerous turn as they are chased by mysterious enemies. Together, they team up and begin on a dangerous journey to escape. Amidst danger, the teenager is determined to protect Mutface at any cost, even risking their own life.

Rising Moon

In “Rising Moon” by Michelle Madow, Ruby has reached the Key of Hades from the fae realm. However, she faces a difficult choice, deliver the key to dark witches as promised or break her promise. Along the way, she finds a surprising connection with the moon princess, who plays a more significant role.

As Good as Dead

In “As Good as Dead” by Holly Jackson, Pip is getting ready for college, but she can’t forget the scary things that happened during her last investigation. She starts getting messages and threats. These threats get worse, and someone starts following her in real life. When the police don’t help, Pip decides to find the truth on her own, even if it puts her in danger.

Bad Blood

In “Bad Blood” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Cassie initially joined to find the truth behind her mother’s murder. However, her beliefs are destroyed when she discovers that her mother is alive and kept captive by a dangerous group. As Cassie and her team investigate the secrets of this group, they must face their fears and dangers along the way.

Mystery in the Tundra

In “Mystery in the Tundra” by Pedro Urvi, a powerful villain, faces rejection and King Uthar wants to defeat him. The villain hides in a frozen land, and a group of young friends, including Lasgol, are in their third year of training. Their tests have become dangerous missions where they face conflicts, rivalries, and dangers. As they find secrets about the king and the true enemy, they get caught up in the mystery and the battle.

Shimmering Chaos

In the book “Shimmering Chaos” by Jessica Sorensen, Skylin’s life gets very risky. Her special powers are the main reason for all the problems. Even everyday things like going to school become dangerous. Luckily, she has the brothers by her side. But things get even more complicated when something bad happens at school. They must team up and reveal hidden secrets that make her life even more complicated.

The Creeping Shadow

In “The Creeping Shadow” by Jonathan Stroud, Lucy is working on her own after leaving Lockwood & Co. But Lockwood asks her for help on a tough mission. They need to find the source of a dangerous creature. To bring everyone back together, they face challenges. This story is full of suspense and solving mysteries.

Before I Let Go

In “Before I Let Go” by Marieke Nijkamp, Corey and Kyra are best friends in the snowy town of Alaska. When Kyra starts having a hard time because of her disorder, Corey’s family moves away, But before Corey can visit her again, Kyra dies, and Corey is very sad and confused. Corey starts asking questions and looking into things, and she discovers that the town is hiding some scary secrets.

They All Had A Reason

“They All Had A Reason” by Michele Leathers tells the story of Charlotte, a girl who thinks her life would be better if she had what Bellany has. But when Bellany is murdered, Charlotte’s life gets worse. People think she might be the killer because of some rumors. Charlotte must figure out who the killer is and solve this mystery.

The Empty Grave

In “The Empty Grave” by Jonathan Stroud, Lockwood, Lucy, George, Holly, and Quill, go on a dangerous mission at night. They want to check a body in the Fittes Mausoleum. But there are many mysteries. Penelope Fittes tries to destroy their agency. They face both ghostly and human enemies. The book is full of adventure and mysteries.

As Old As Time

In “As Old As Time” by Liz Braswell, Belle’s touch on the Beast’s rose brings back memories of her mother, who was gone forever. This confuses both Belle and the Beast. They must work together to solve a family mystery that goes back twenty years.

The Murder Game

In “The Murder Game” by Carrie Doyle, Luke, a young man who once made history by escaping a kidnapping, now longs for a normal teenage life. He sneaks out one night to enjoy some freedom with friends. However, their night of fun takes a turn when their teacher is found murdered. With evidence and suspects, Luke relies on his skills to find the truth and solve the mystery.


We hope that our list of mystery books for 14 year olds has given you some great options to choose from and your 9th grader will have fun while exploring these mysterious books together.

The mystery books recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best Mystery Books For 14 year olds. While I may not have personally read all of these books, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which mystery book your 9th grader enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite book that we missed.

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