25 Excellent Mystery Books For 13 Year Olds (8th Grade)

At 13, young adults are at a crucial stage in their reading journey. They seek stories that not only entertain but also challenge their capabilities. Mystery literature is made for this age group, providing narratives that demand attention, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

In this post, we will explore the 25 Excellent Mystery Books For 13 Year Olds.

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The mystery books mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best Mystery Books for 13 Year Olds.

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Overview Of The 25 Excellent Mystery Books For 13 Year Olds

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The Inheritance Games 

“The Inheritance Games” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes follows Avery, a high school student with plans for a better future. However, her life takes a turn when a rich man Tobias Hawthorne leaves her his wealth upon his death. Avery has no idea why she’s chosen or who Tobias is. She must enter Hawthorne House navigate the secrets and find the truth.

Leigh Howard and the Ghosts of Simmons-Pierce Manor 

In “Leigh Howard and the Ghosts of Simmons-Pierce Manor” by Shawn M. Warner, Leigh’s life takes a turn when she becomes an orphan and is thrust into her relatives. Sorrowing her parents’ unsolved murder, she begins on a mission to solve the mystery. With the help of new friends, Leigh delves into a world of crime and betrayal, risking everything to find the answers.

The Golden Goblet

In “The Golden Goblet” by Eloise Jarvis McGraw, Ranofer has a dream to become a master goldsmith, just like his father. However, his path is obstructed by his cruel brother, Gebu, who keeps him imprisoned. Determined to escape, Ranofer begins on a challenging journey. As a poor boy without any special skills, can he survive the ruthless world with dangers at every turn.

The Hawthorne Legacy 

In “The Hawthorne Legacy” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Avery is determined to find the truth behind her unexpected inheritance from Tobias Hawthorne, and as the mystery deepens, she’s pulled in different directions. With dangers and enemies lurking, Avery must navigate a world of secrets and mysteries.

The Face on the Milk Carton

“The Face on the Milk Carton” by Caroline B. Cooney tells the story of Janie Johnson, who one day spots a missing child’s face on a milk carton and realizes it’s her own. Shocked and confused, she questions her loving parents and the circumstances of her life. As Janie begins to find the truth, she discovers a mystery about her past and struggles with her identity.

Girl in the Blue Coat

“Girl in the Blue Coat” by Monica Hesse is a story set in 1943 about a girl named Hanneke who has a secret life. During the day, she gets and delivers black-market stuff to people. But everything changes when a customer asks her to find a Jewish teenager who disappeared. Hanneke is involved in a world of secrets and truths, and she becomes part of the mystery.

I’d Tell You I Love You

In “I’d Tell You I Love You” by Ally Carter, Cammie attends the Gallagher Academy, a unique school where students learn advanced skills. While Cammie is a highly skilled spy, she faces a new challenge when she meets an ordinary boy. She must navigate the complexities of a relationship while keeping her true identity a secret.

Escape Room

“Escape Room” by Maren Stoffels, starts with Alissa, Sky, Miles, and Mint looking forward to a night of fun in an escape room. The game seems simple, But their excitement turns to panic when they realize the Game Master isn’t playing by the rules and has no intention of letting them escape. Trapped in a room, they must work together to solve the mysteries and escape the room.

The Final Gambit

“In ‘The Final Gambit’ by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Avery is in danger as she gets closer to inheriting billions by living in Hawthorne House. Avery becomes friends with the Hawthorne brothers. But a visitor comes with problems, and they all get involved in a risky game with mysteries and secrets.

The Mysterious Daughter

In “The Mysterious Daughter” by Sarah Noffke, Rose discovers she’s not an ordinary girl, she is a magician. Her life has been filled with secrets and lies, but when a magical dragon appears, Rose learns the truth about her identity. Now, she must leave her safe haven and embrace her magical heritage. Rose must find a way to protect her family and her newfound powers to save the world from destruction.

Blood Moon

“Blood Moon” by Michelle Madow is about Ruby, who turns into a wolf during a mountain trip. She finds help with Connor, a guy she met at a party. He tells her she’s a wolf shifter, but her powers don’t work. In Pine Valley, strange things happen, like people vanishing. Ruby and Connor must work together to solve the mystery and navigate the challenges.

The Brothers Hawthorne

In “The Brothers Hawthorne” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Grayson and Jameson Hawthorne have different values and face challenges. Grayson helps his sisters. Jameson wins games and takes on a challenge from his mysterious father. They must play tough games and make sacrifices to win.

Dead Girls Can’t Tell Secrets

In “Dead Girls Can’t Tell Secrets” by Chelsea Ichaso, something strange happens to Piper during a hiking trip, and she ends up in a coma. Her sister, Savannah, wants to know what really happened. Savannah finds a note in Piper’s locker, this makes Savannah think that someone else might know what happened.

Shadow Moon

In “Shadow Moon” by Michelle Madow, Ruby discovers she has a special power. However, this brings trouble. Her family rejects her and a powerful enemy wants her magic. In the face of these challenges, Ruby must gather her inner strength and face them with bravery.

The Screaming Staircase

In “The Screaming Staircase” by Jonathan Stroud, London faces a problem with ghosts, and only people with special abilities can see them. Lucy, Anthony, and George, a team from Lockwood & Co., start investigating a haunted house. They must survive its legendary Screaming Staircase to solve the mystery.

Little White Lies 

In “Little White Lies” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, a girl named Sawyer gets a surprise visit from her grandmother. Her grandma offered her a lot of money to join the debutante event. As she agrees, she enters a world of fancy high society. Surprisingly, she makes friends with some debutantes As she delves deeper into this society, Sawyer realizes that she’s no longer an outsider. She joins them in their search for truth, navigating the powerful mysteries that bind them together.

The Fixer

In “The Fixer” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Tess’s life takes a turn when she stays with her sister Ivy in Washington D.C. Ivy is a person who helps strong people hide their problems. Tess joins the School, where she becomes a fixer like Ivy. Both sisters have secret lives, and these secrets lead to a big problem that affects their lives.

The Cousins

In “The Cousins” by Karen M. McManus, Milly, Aubrey, and Jonah are cousins who have never really known each other or their secretive grandmother. When they receive mysterious invitations to work at her island resort for the summer, they’re compelled to go, hoping to mend family ties. However, upon arriving, they quickly realize that their grandmother has different plans for them. As they stay on the island, they find the dark and mysterious secrets that tore their family apart years ago, and they are determined to reveal the truth.

Deadly Little Scandals 

In “Deadly Little Scandals” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, a girl named Sawyer becomes a debutante, but she’s doing it to find out who her real dad is. Later, her cousin Lily invites her to join a society. Sawyer thinks they might have the answers she’s looking for. But when they find a scary secret near their family’s summer house.

The Long Game

“The Long Game” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is about Tess, a high school student in Washington D.C. Her family is good at solving problems, and she has a special connection to politics. She gets involved in a student council campaign, which leads to surprising discoveries. At the same time, a terrorist attack in the city makes it hard to trust anyone in politics. Tess needs to figure out, face the situation with bravery, and solve the mystery.

As Old as Time

In the book “As Old as Time” by Liz Braswell, follow Belle and the Beast. Something surprising happens when Belle touches a special rose. She remembers things from the past, and it turns out her lost mother is the same person who put a curse on the castle. This discovery leads Belle and the Beast on an exciting adventure where they find secrets that go back many years.

Whatever Happened to Janie?

In “Whatever Happened to Janie?” by Caroline B. Cooney, Janie Johnson’s world shatters as she discovers her own face on a milk carton, revealing that she is a missing child. Both the Spring and Johnson families are seeking justice and trying to navigate court decisions, they must determine what’s best for everyone.

The Eleventh Hour

In “The Eleventh Hour” by Graeme Base, Horace the elephant arranges a costume party to celebrate his 11th birthday with his friends. However, a mystery unfolds when the birthday dinner disappears during the celebrations. Join Horace and his friends on this adventure to solve the feast mystery.

The Cabin

In “The Cabin” by Natasha Preston, Mackenzie and her friends begin on a weekend adventure to a remote cabin, seeking a break from their routines. Expecting a time of fun, they instead face horrifying events as two of their group are murdered. With no signs, suspicion falls upon the remaining five survivors. The story unfolds as they face the truth that the killer may still be among them.

Two Can Keep a Secret

In “Two Can Keep a Secret” by Karen M. McManus, Ellery moves to a small town, a place for its dark past. Her aunt went missing there years ago, and a recent murder brought the town to fame. As Ellery settles in with her grandmother, she realizes that it has deep secrets. As another girl disappears, Ellery begins on an adventure to find the truth behind these events and solve the mystery.


We hope that our list of mystery books for 13 year olds has given you some great options to choose from and your 8th grader will have fun while exploring these mysterious books together.

The mystery books recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best Mystery Books For 13 year olds. While I may not have personally read all of these mystery books, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which mystery book your 8th grader enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite book that we missed.

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