27 Outstanding Historical Fiction Books For Teens

Historical fiction is a genre that transports readers to different eras, allowing them to experience the past through the eyes of fictional characters. For teens, historical fiction can provide a unique and immersive way to learn about history, cultures, and significant events.

In this post, we will explore 27 Outstanding Historical Fiction Books For Teens.

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The books mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best Historical Fiction Books For Teens.

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Overview Of The 27 Outstanding Historical Fiction Books For Teens

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The Last Full Measure


“The Last Full Measure” by Trent Reedy. The story happens after a big war in Idaho, and we follow Danny and his friends. They’re no longer controlled by the government, but they face problems and challenges. When Danny discovers some shocking truths about a powerful group, he and his friends go on a risky journey across the land to make a better society.

The Veil


“The Veil” by Megan Chance is about a girl named Grace who has special powers. She wants to learn from the archdruid who can help her, but things don’t go as planned. The archdruid is dangerous, and Grace struggles to learn the magic she needs. Destruction is happening in New York City with protests. The story finishes with a big clash that could bring destruction.

Hope and Other Punch Lines

Friendship And Self-discovery

“Hope and Other Punch Lines” by Julie Buxbaum is about a girl named Abbi Hope who became famous because of a photo taken during a sad event called 9/11. Abbi wants to hide from her past and spends the summer working at a camp. Another boy named Noah, who also has sad memories from 9/11, thinks it’s fate that they meet. They work together to find out more about this historic event.


Freedom And Justice

“Darkness: A Slave’s Story” by Jeff Nebeker-Johnson is a story that shows the struggles and hardships faced by numerous American slaves. The story follows Darkness, a young slave who questions why she is treated unfairly due to her skin color. Throughout her life, she dreams of freedom and a life without suffering.



“Doris” by Jeff Nebeker-Johnson continues the story of a woman named Doris. After she became free from being a slave, she lives with Luke on a farm. The people in the nearby town accept her, but she still has to deal with her past and face new challenges. The book tells the story of Doris and how she deals with these difficulties.

Rifles for Watie


“Rifles for Watie” by Harold Keith is about a boy named Jeff during the Civil War. He wants to help the Union and learns about war. He realizes how war affects people. He even meets enemies and has to make hard choices. The book is based on true stories and shows how the war was. It reminds us to be kind, even when things are tough.

Dread Nation


In “Dread Nation” by Justina Ireland, Jane lives in a different America where the dead come back after the Civil War. Laws say kids have to go to schools to learn how to fight the dead. Jane wants a better life and trains to protect people. But she gets caught in a problem when families start disappearing. Jane fights strong enemies and faces danger. The book mixes history, action, and suspense in a special way.

Deathless Divide


In “Deathless Divide” by Justina Ireland, Jane plans to go to California and find her mother. But life is hard for her. A sad event on the way to a safe village makes her doubt about staying alive in 1880s America. Jane sees familiar faces from Summerland and gets into mysteries and her own problems. This book is about friendship, staying alive, and facing difficulties in a dangerous world.

Black Was the Ink


“Black Was the Ink” by Michelle Coles is about Malcolm, who follows a teenager. He goes to his family’s farm in Mississippi to escape problems. Suddenly, he starts seeing things from the past through his eyes. He meets important Black leaders from history and learns about their struggles. It’s a story about growing up and understanding history.

The Vampire Diaries


“The Vampire Diaries” by L.J. Smith. It takes us to the 19th century, where brothers Stefan and Damon become involved in a love triangle with Katherine, a woman with a hidden secret, she’s a vampire. As the brothers compete for Katherine, they find her true nature and her desire to turn them into vampires. The story is filled with twists and dangers.



“Bloodlust” by L.J. Smith, delves further into the lives of vampire brothers Stefan and Damon. Escaping vampire hunters, they journey to New Orleans. Stefan struggles with his newfound powers, while Damon regrets Katherine’s loss. However, they face dangers in New Orleans. This book continues the journey of brothers, with a mix of fantasy and dangers.

A Sitting in St. James


“A Sitting in St. James” by Rita Williams-Garcia follows a lady named Madame who lived in a place for many years. She wants to get a picture of herself painted, even if her family doesn’t agree. The book tells stories from different times, showing how life was on the farm and how people were connected. The book helps us understand the family better and how they were linked with each other.

Jo & Laurie

Hard Choices

“Jo & Laurie” by Margaret Stohl is set in 1869 in Concord. After Jo’s first book becomes famous, she’s under pressure to write another. Jo and her friend Laurie visit New York for inspiration. But Laurie wants a relationship with Jo. Even Jo values her independence and rejects his marriage proposal. Laurie then gets a new girlfriend. It’s a story about love and making hard choices.

Bed of Conspiracy


“Bed of Conspiracy” by Juliette Douglas is a story set in 1876. Tom starts a new journey. She teams up with Ross and Sam for a secret mission in Washington DC. There’s a group called Knights planning to take over the government. Tom and her team try to stop them. The book mixes fiction and real history to tell an interesting story.

So Many Beginnings


“So Many Beginnings” by Bethany C. Morrow is set during the American Civil War in North Carolina. The story takes place on the Island, where Black people are building a new community after their freedom. There is a family including four young daughters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. Each sister is striving to find her own path and purpose in a changing world. They experience challenges and growth as they navigate their way into adulthood. Together, they support each other through all the ups and downs that life brings.

Everything We Lose


“Everything We Lose” by Annette Oppenlander is about a boy named Adam in 1861. He tries to protect his friend Tip, a slave, but things go wrong, and he joins the Union Army to hide. Adam goes through a tough journey in the war and wants to go home. Tip, on the other hand, faces abuse from a bad farmer after being sold. Their journeys show how hard life was back then.

We Are Not Free


“We Are Not Free” by Traci Chee is a novel that tells the story of fourteen young Japanese American citizens, living in San Francisco during World War II. Their lives take a turn when they are removed from their homes and placed in camps. As they face injustice, these friends must unite to overcome the challenges that threaten to tear them apart.

Last Night at the Telegraph Club


“Last Night at the Telegraph Club” by Malinda Lo follows Lily as she navigates her feelings for Miller in 1954. Their journey of love begins when they step into the Telegraph Club. However, in a society threatened by prejudice, especially against Chinese Americans like Lily, their love becomes difficult. Lily and Miller take a brave stand to embrace their love and fight the challenges of their time.

The Fountains of Silence


“The Fountains of Silence” by Ruta Sepetys takes place in 1957 in Madrid, during the oppressive rule. Amidst these challenges, Daniel arrives with his camera to connect with his mother’s homeland. He meets a girl named Ana. Daniel takes photos that reveal disturbing truths and faces tough decisions as he navigates a city filled with danger.

Salt to the Sea


In “Salt to the Sea” by Ruta Sepetys, set during World War II, the story follows four refugees with different backgrounds, all carrying their own stories of disaster, lies, and war. As they seek safety from the Soviet forces, their paths cross at the Gustloff, a ship offering hope for freedom. However, their journey is filled with uncertainty and challenges.

An American Beauty


“An American Beauty” by Shana Abe is about Arabella in 1867. She’s different from the other girls and works at the gambling parlor. A rich man named Collis likes her. They have a secret relationship and she moves to New York. She gets rich and marries Collis after his wife dies. The story shows the strength of a woman who fights with challenges to live a peaceful life.

I Must Betray You


“I Must Betray You” by Ruta Sepetys is about Cristian in 1989. He wants to be a writer, but the government is strict. The secret police force him to fight against the leader. Even though it’s scary, he wants to tell the truth and help his country change. The book talks about a time when people couldn’t speak up and how Cristian tries to make things better.

Pan’s Labyrinth


“Pan’s Labyrinth” by Guillermo del Toro. This story transports readers to a dark and magical world set in a time of war. Filled with soldiers, monsters, and a lost princess, the story unfolds with illustrations and captivating short stories.

Copper Sun


In “Copper Sun” by Sharon M. Draper, Amari’s perfect life is shattered when her village is attacked by slave traders. She’s taken away from her family and sold into slavery. Now, all she wants is to survive. She learns English and befriends a white servant named Molly. They escape and begins her journey to Florida, facing challenges like hunger and danger. The book tells the story of their struggle for freedom and a better life, showing the power of hope and friendship.

Rebel Spy


“Rebel Spy” by Veronica Rossi is about Frannie, who escapes her mean stepfather. She pretends to be another woman and joins a British ship during the 1776 war. As a woman, she dates a British officer and secretly helps George Washington’s spy team. She knows her job is important so she risks everything for American freedom. This story is based on a real spy and shows how a young girl becomes a spy.



In “Ashes” by Laurie Halse Anderson, during the War, Isabel and Curzon run away from Valley Forge. But their ease doesn’t last long. They’re seen as runaways and Bellingham wants to find them. They want to find Isabel’s sister Ruth, who’s enslaved in the South. Their journey is tough and sad, but they’re determined to be free.

Love & War


“Love & War” by Melissa de la Cruz is about Alexander and Elizabeth during the American Revolution in 1781. They are a married couple facing challenges. The war reaches Eliza unexpectedly, and she fights for a better future. After the war, they deal with new challenges. Eliza adapts to city life while Alex faces rivalry. Their love is tested as they deal with new challenges.


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