29 Exciting Historical Fiction Books For 9th Graders (Age 14)

Historical fiction holds the power to transport readers to different ages, allowing them to experience the past in a uniquely immersive way. For 9th graders, aged around 14, historical fiction books offer an exciting opportunity to combine their love for storytelling with a deeper understanding of history.

In this post, we will explore 29 Exciting Historical Fiction Books For 9th Graders.

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The books mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best Historical Fiction Books For 9th Graders.

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Overview Of The 29 Exciting Historical Fiction Books For 9th Graders

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In “Shane” by Jack Schaefer, the Starrett family’s life takes a turn when a mysterious man named Shane arrives at their farm from the West. Young Bob Starrett is fascinated by Shane’s presence and the spirit he brings to their home. Despite this, Shane becomes a friend to the Starretts. When a powerful cowboy threatens their land, Shane gets involved in a dangerous rivalry to protect them. This novel explores themes of friendship and teamwork.



In “47” by Walter Mosley, a young slave named 47 lives a harsh life under a cruel master. However, his life takes a turn when he meets a mysterious slave named Tall John. This meeting sets off a journey of freedom and self-discovery as 47 becomes involved in a struggle for freedom. This novel delves into themes of strength, bravery, and the dream of a better life.

Rugged Trails


In “Rugged Trails” by L. J. Martin, a man named Jake faces a tough situation after bugs ruin his crops. He needs to support his family, so he becomes a guard for a group and travels to San Francisco. The journey is full of danger, like dealing with wild animals and bad weather. This story shows how he doesn’t give up, even when things are tough.



“Nightjohn” is a story that happens in the 1850s. Sarny is a young slave girl on a farm. Nightjohn, a man who escaped slavery, comes to the farm. He teaches Sarny and others how to read, even though it’s against the rules. This story shows how important learning is, especially during a tough time in history. The book talks about bravery and the challenges of the past.

The Monstrumologist


“The Monstrumologist” by Richard Yancey is about Will Henry, an orphan who assists a doctor that hunts monsters. They’re used to dealing with strange things, but everything changes when they find a girl’s body and the monster that attacked her. This leads them to find more monsters, and they realize these creatures could take over the world. Will and the doctor must act quickly to save everyone. The book is about facing fears and fighting against scary monsters.

Mississippi Jack


“Mississippi Jack” by L. A. Meyer follows adventurous Jacky Faber as she travels west in America to escape British authorities. As she heads south, she faces dangerous challenges, including thieves and soldiers. This story showcases Jacky’s daring adventures and the risks she takes for freedom and love.

A Family Apart 


“A Family Apart” by Joan Lowery Nixon tells the story of the Kelly children in 1856. Their mother decides to send them away from New York City, believing it’s for their best. But the children’s struggles continue as they are separated and sent to different families. Determined to keep her siblings together, Frances hides herself as a boy. This story follows Frances and her siblings as they face challenges and uncertainties while searching for family bonds.



“Revolver” by Marcus Sedgwick is a story set in an isolated cabin, where teenager Sig is left alone with his dead father, who died after falling through the ice. With only a Colt revolver for protection, Sig must face the dangers. This suspenseful story explores themes of survival and bravery.

The Hope of Christmas Past


“The Hope of Christmas Past” by Stephenia H. McGee is about Isla, a child. She’s spending Christmas at an old plantation. A strange painting takes her back to the past. Isla must deal with her painful memories and find hope for her future. With time running out, she discovers shocking miracles that can change her life. This story is about hope and how miracles can make a difference.

Circle of Love


“Circle of Love” by Joan Lowery Nixon follows Frances after the Civil War. Her love, Johnny, is back from the war, but he’s unsure about marriage. On the journey, she faces painful memories. As she navigates challenges, Frances wonders about her own future. This book explores love, hope, and courage.

Rowdy: Redemption


“Rowdy: Redemption” by Chris Mullen continues the story of Rowdy, who returns to find his home burned down. Determined to seek justice, Rowdy, along with his friends, goes behind an old enemy, Patrick. Along the way, they face challenges and betrayals that lead to Rowdy’s capture by thieves. This book explores themes of revenge and forgiveness.

The Legend of Bass Reeves


“The Legend of Bass Reeves” by Gary Paulsen is about a man named Bass Reeves. He was born a slave but became a famous US Marshal in the West. Unlike some others, he was a real hero. He always followed the rules. He was a brave man who started as a slave but became a legend for his bravery and honesty. This book explores themes of justice, bravery, and hard work.

Out of the Easy


“In the book ‘Out of the Easy’ by Ruta Sepetys, it’s 1950. A girl named Josie lives there. Josie wants a better life. She gets involved in a mystery after someone dies. This makes her think about what’s right. She has to choose between going to college and staying in the city.

Kent State 


“Kent State” by Deborah Wiles is a powerful exploration of a dark moment in history. It’s about the day when American soldiers killed four American students who were protesting against the Vietnam War. Even after 50 years, the impact of this event still remains, making this book a thought-provoking read.

All the Broken Pieces


“All the Broken Pieces” by Ann E. Burg follows Matt Pin, who wants to escape the memories of Vietnam and the painful secrets he left behind. Now in the United States with his family, he must face his past and make difficult choices. This novel captures the struggles of a young boy as he navigates between his memories and forgiveness.

If I Ever Get Out of Here


“In If I Ever Get Out of Here” by Eric L. Gansworth, it’s 1975, and Lewis has good and bad times. He knows his community well, but meeting white George is new. Despite differences, they bond over music. As their friendship grows, Lewis hides his family’s money problems and faces bullying from Evan. With challenges ahead, Lewis must find the courage to defend himself and his friendship with George. This story is about friendship and facing hard times.

On The Come Up


In “On The Come Up” by Angie Thomas, Bri dreams of becoming a famous rapper. However, life isn’t easy for Bri. She faces financial struggles at home. When her first song goes viral for the wrong reasons, she becomes the center of discussion. Bri fights to succeed and prove herself. This novel explores the challenges of pursuing dreams.

Loving vs. Virginia


“Loving vs. Virginia” by Patricia Hruby Powell tells a story about a very important court case for civil rights. It happened in 1955 in Virginia, where two young people, Richard and Mildred, fell in love. But their love was against the law because they were from different races. Their fight for love went all the way to the Supreme Court, and their bravery helped change the unfair rules. The book shows how they faced difficulties and stood up for what was right.

Where the Lilies Bloom


“Where the Lilies Bloom” by Vera Cleaver is a story about Mary Call, who makes a promise to her dying father to keep her family together in their home in the Mountains. She’s determined to take care of her siblings without help from strangers. She believes they can rely on the land’s resources for survival, but when harsh winter arrives, Mary realizes that life in the mountains can be tough. This story of growing up shows how Mary faces challenges in the mountains.

A Day No Pigs Would Die


“A Day No Pigs Would Die” by Robert Newton Peck. The book follows the life of a young boy, who learns about the harsh realities of farm life, responsibility, and the circle of life. When Rob’s father asks him to help with a difficult decision, it’s a turning point that shapes his understanding of the world around him. This novel explores the bond between a boy and his family as they navigate the challenges of rural life.

Luck of the Titanic


In “Luck of the Titanic” by Stacey Lee, Valora Luck dreams of leaving England for a new life as a circus performer in New York. Armed with a ticket for the Titanic and the determination to succeed, she plans to reunite with her twin brother and impress a circus owner. However, she’s denied due to her Chinese heritage. Val’s strength leads her to become strong and fight against the odds to reach her goals.

Almost There


“In Almost There” by Farrah Rochon, Tiana believes that working hard can help her achieve her dreams. But then, a person gives her an offer she can’t say no to. This offer changes her life completely. Tiana finds herself in a different world where everything she wants comes true. But this perfect life starts to have strange things happening, and new problems show up. Tiana, along with her friends must face these challenges.

No Promises in the Wind


“No Promises in the Wind” by Irene Hunt is set in the year 1932 when life was tough for many Americans. People just wanted basic things like a job, food, and a cover. But for many, even these simple needs were hard to come by. The story follows Josh as he tries to navigate a country full of scared people. In a time of disruption, Josh struggles to find his own path and create a future for himself. The book tells the story of his determination.

Beneath the Wide Silk Sky


In “Beneath the Wide Silk Sky” by Emily Inouye Huey, follow Sam, who is dealing with her mom’s recent death and trying to save her family’s farm. She dreams of being a photographer but feels like it might not happen. She becomes friends with Hiro, her neighbor, who offers her a chance to do photography again. Sam wants to capture the unfair treatment around her. When the U.S. decides to move Japanese Americans to camps, Sam knows she must act to keep her identity and her family’s honor.

All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky


In “All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky” by Joe R. Lansdale, Jack Catcher is faced with a tragic situation after losing his parents. When Jane and her brother Tony suggest stealing a neighbor’s car to escape to Texas, Jack agrees. However, their plans are complicated when they face a gangster. This road trip adventure takes readers on a thrilling journey through a challenging time in American history.



“Weedflower” by Cynthia Kadohata follows Sumiko’s life divided into two parts, before and after Pearl Harbor. Growing up on a farm in California, she’s used to being the only Japanese girl in her class. However, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, suspicion and discrimination grows against Japanese Americans. Sumiko’s family is sent to a camp. The life she knew is replaced by a harsh reality. Amidst this, Sumiko forms an unlikely friendship with a young boy, exploring the challenges of racial boundaries.

Out of Darkness


In “Out of Darkness” by Ashley Hope Pérez, set in 1937 New London, Naomi, and Wash are well aware of the racial divisions and boundaries that exist in East Texas. The story is woven against the backdrop of the tragic New London school explosion. The book explores themes of love and family by giving an interesting read.

Rust in the Root 


“In Rust in the Root” by Justina Ireland, set in 1937, Laura is a young magic user from Pennsylvania. She wants to become a special magician, but things don’t go well. She joins the Bureau and learns from Skylark, a powerful magician. They go on a mission to fix the magic in a dangerous place. They discover old magic there, that could be dangerous.

The Black Kids


“The Black Kids” by Christina Hammonds Reed follows Ashley and her friends during their joyful senior year. They enjoy beach days and the summer. Everything changes when four officers are forgiven after hurting a black man named Rodney King. The city becomes chaotic with protests and violence. Ashley tries to keep things normal, but her family, friends, and community are affected. The book explores how people are treated differently because of their skin color, and how the world can change.


We hope that our list of historical fiction books for 9th graders has given you some excellent options to choose from and your 14 year old will have the satisfaction of exploring these historical fiction books.

The historical fiction books recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best Historical Fiction Books For 9th Graders. While I may not have personally read all of these books, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which book your 14 year olds enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite book that we missed. Please leave your comments and feedback below.

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