21 Delightful Historical Fiction Books For 1st Graders (Age 6)

Historical fiction books offer a charming blend of imagination and history, making them an excellent choice for young readers, especially 1st graders. These stories transport 1st graders to different eras, allowing them to explore the past in an engaging way.

In this post, we will explore 21 Delightful Historical Fiction Books For 1st Graders.

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The books mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best Historical Fiction Books For 1st Graders.

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Overview Of The 21 Delightful Historical Fiction Books For 1st Graders

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Red Kite, Blue Kite

Hope And Family Love

“Red Kite, Blue Kite” by Ji-Li Jiang is set during the Cultural Revolution in China. Tai Shan and his father, Baba, fly kites from their roof. But when a difficult time arrives, Baba is sent away, and Tai Shan goes to live with Granny. Despite the distance, they find a way to stay connected by flying their kites every day.

Sunny’s Royal Ball


In “Sunny’s Royal Ball” by Courtney Carbone, join Sunny and her friends on an exciting adventure as a royal ball turns into a search mission to find a missing prince. This storybook is filled with fun and friendship that kids will enjoy!



In “Rosie” by Lindsay Ward, meet a courageous tractor named Rosie who works tirelessly during World War II to support the war effort. Rosie was built by women in the USA and sent to England to help female farmers. She plows the land day and night, doing her part to grow crops. This heartwarming story celebrates strength and determination.

Little House in the Big Woods


“Little House in the Big Woods” by Laura Wilder tells the story of young Laura and her family living in a cabin near the Big Woods. They work hard to grow or catch their food for the winter. Experience their happy celebrations, tough times, and loving moments together.

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Sarah, Plain and Tall


“Sarah, Plain and Tall” by Patricia MacLachlan is set in the 1800s. Follows Anna, a young girl living on the prairie. When her Papa announces a wife and a new mother, Sarah comes all the way from Maine to meet them. Anna and her brother Caleb eagerly wait to see if her new mother will be pleasant and stay with them. This book explores themes of love and family.

The Circus Ship 


“The Circus Ship” by Chris Van Dusen tells the story of a ship with animals that gets stuck near a town in Maine. The animals swim to an island and befriend the people there. When the circus owner returns to take them back, the animals and townspeople work together to outsmart him. It’s a story about friendship and working together.

Hiawatha and the Peacemaker


In “Hiawatha and the Peacemaker” Robbie Robertson shares a traditional story of Hiawatha and his guide, the Peacemaker. The five Nations are at war, led by the evil Chief. Hiawatha, a warrior, is chosen by the Peacemaker to unite the tribes. Together, they travel to spread the message of peace and forgiveness. This picture book, tells a story of unity among the people.



“Farmhouse” by Sophie Blackall takes readers on a delightful journey to a farmhouse. They can immerse themselves in the daily life of a family living there. The book is filled with joy on every page. With a touch of history, it delights readers as they explore the stories of this magical farmhouse.

The Courage of Sarah Noble 


“The Courage of Sarah Noble” by Alice Dalgliesh is set in 1707. Join Sarah Noble and her father as they journey through the jungle to build a new home for their family. Despite her young age, Sarah faces challenges in the dark woods full of animals. Through caring for her father, Sarah learns that true courage comes from facing fears and being brave. This book shows the importance of bravery and simplicity

Henry’s Freedom Box


“Henry’s Freedom Box” by Ellen Levine is a story about Henry Brown, who dreams of freedom. Born into slavery, Henry faces heartbreak when he is separated from his family and forced to work in a warehouse. Determined to escape, he creates a plan to achieve freedom. This story shows the importance of strength and bravery.

The Invisible Boy


“The Invisible Boy” by Trudy Ludwig. Meet Brian, the boy who feels invisible to his classmates and is often left out. However, when a new student named Justin arrives, Brian takes the initiative to make him feel welcome. Together, they become friends and Brian finally finds a way to shine. This story serves as a valuable resource, promoting empathy and understanding among 1st graders.

By the Shores of Silver Lake


Laura and her family continue their adventures in “By the Shores of Silver Lake.” They leave their old home and settle in the Dakota Territory. Laura takes her first train ride and joins her family on the shores of Silver Lake. They face challenges, but eventually, they build a new town. Join Laura on her journey.

A Lion to Guard Us


“A Lion to Guard Us” by Clyde Robert Bulla is a story about Amanda who goes on a long journey to find her father in a new place called Jamestown. Her mom passed away, and she takes care of her little brother and sister. They travel across the ocean to America with her father’s little lion. The book shows how strong and brave Amanda is. It’s a story about faith and determination.

The Minstrel in the Tower


“The Minstrel in the Tower” by Gloria Skurzynski. Alice and Roger, two brave siblings, begin on a journey to find their missing uncle. However, their plans take a dangerous turn when they are kidnapped and trapped in an ancient tower. To complete their journey, they must escape quickly. Join them on this rescue mission.

Finding Winnie


“Finding Winnie” by Lindsay Mattick is a true story during World War I. Harry rescued a baby bear and named her Winnie. They traveled together from Canada to England and eventually found a home at the London Zoo. This story shows their special friendship and the power of empathy.

Grandfather’s Journey


“Grandfather’s Journey” by Allen Say. Leaving Japan as a young man, his grandfather embarked on a remarkable journey, crossing the Ocean and exploring deserts and cities. The book narrates the cultural history of the author’s family.

Hello Lighthouse


“Hello Lighthouse” by Sophie Blackall is a story about a lighthouse keeper and his family. They live in the lighthouse and take care of it. The book has beautiful pictures, and it lets you imagine what life was like in the lighthouse long ago.



In “Skylark” by Patricia MacLachlan, Anna’s mother, Sarah, doesn’t like the prairie where they live. When it doesn’t rain for a long time and the prairie becomes dry and dangerous, Sarah takes Anna and Caleb back to Maine. But Anna misses her father, who stays behind. As time passes, Anna wonders if they will ever be a complete family again. This story is about love and family.

Dragons Love Farts


“Dragons Love Farts” by Hollywood Kay is a hilarious book that will have the whole family laughing out loud. Join the silly dragons in a Fart-O-Rama adventure full of memes and giggly situations that kids will love.

The Long Way Westward


“The Long Way Westward” by Joan Sandin tells the journey of two young brothers and their family, who are immigrants from Sweden. Follow their exciting experiences from arriving in New York to reaching their new home.

Wagon Wheels


“Wagon Wheels” by Barbara Brenner. Follow the Muldie family, including Ed Muldie and his three sons, as they journey to Kansas. Facing challenges and loss along the way, the boys must care for each other and begin on a 150-mile journey to reunite with their father.


We hope that our list of historical fiction books has given you some great options to choose from and that you and your 1st grader will have fun exploring these historical fiction books together.

The historical fiction books recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best Historical Fiction Books For 1st Graders. While I may not have personally read all of these books, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which book your 1st grader enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite book that we missed. Please leave your comments and feedback below.

Best wishes and happy reading to you and your family!

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