27 Mind-Blowing Graphic Novels For Teens

Graphic novels have become increasingly popular over the years, not only among kids but also among teenagers and adults. This visual storytelling combines compelling narratives with stunning artwork, making them an excellent reading choice for teens.

In this post, we will explore 27 Mind-Blowing Graphic Novels For Teens.

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The graphic novels mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best graphic novels for teens.

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Overview Of The 27 Mind-Blowing Graphic Novels For Teens

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Girl on Fire


In “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys, meet Lolo, a regular girl with an extraordinary secret. After discovering her powers, she becomes a target for a dangerous dealer. Lolo must find the courage to protect her loved ones and stand up against the dangers.



In “Squad” by Maggie Tokuda-Hall, follow Becca as she starts a new high school and becomes friends with the popular girls. But these girls have a secret, they are werewolves. Becca wants to fit in, so she becomes a werewolf too. But as things get tough, she must make difficult choices and face new difficulties.

Messy Roots


In “Messy Roots” by Laura Gao, follow the heartfelt journey of a Wuhanese American girl as she navigates her identity as an American, the daughter of Chinese. The novel weaves between her past in Wuhan and her present in Texas, exploring her experiences and the impact of COVID-19 on her hometown.

I Was Their American Dream


“I Was Their American Dream” by Malaka Gharib is a memoir that delves into the author’s journey as an American with Egyptian heritage. Navigating between cultures, traditions, and identities, Malaka explores the challenges of fitting into American society while keeping her family’s origins

Incredible Doom


“Incredible Doom” by Matthew Bogart follows the lives of teens, who find comfort in Evol House, a hidden shelter. As their friendships develop, they face real-world challenges that put their connections to the test.


Overcoming Challenges

“Monster” by Walter Dean Myers is about a teenager named Steve who is going through a tough time. He is facing problems with a serious crime, and the book shows what he’s going through in arrest and in the courtroom.

Huda F Are You?


“Huda F Are You?” by Huda Fahmy tells the story of a young girl named Huda who feels like she doesn’t fit in after moving to Michigan. Trying to find her place, she experiments with different identities and friendships but feels doubtful about herself. This novel explores identity and the power of staying true.

Himawari House


“Himawari House” by Harmony Becker follows the journey of three foreign students living in Tokyo. They become friends and face the joys and struggles of adjusting to life in Japan. From language barriers to self-discovery, their experiences in Himawari House will resonate with readers, offering a heartfelt exploration of culture and personal growth.


“Flamer” by Mike Curato follows Aiden, who struggles with his identity and emotions during a summer at camp. Navigating friendships, bullying, and his feelings for Elias, Aiden begins a journey of self-discovery. This graphic novel explores themes of identity, self-acceptance, and the complexities of youth, offering a relatable read for teens.

Gotham High


In “Gotham High” by Melissa de la Cruz, Bruce Wayne comes back to Gotham City and finds things have changed. During a kidnapping, Bruce discovers dark secrets and becomes a troubled knight. This graphic novel tells a story of friendships turning into enemies at Gotham High.

Shadow of the Batgirl


“Shadow of the Batgirl” by Sarah Kuhn follows Cassandra, a teenager who wants to become a hero. With support from her mentors, she dives into learning about her favorite hero, Batgirl. But Batgirl has disappeared from Gotham, and Cass must find her before her father’s evil plans destroy everything she loves.

Giant Days


In “Giant Days” by John Allison, follow the hilarious misadventures of Susan, Esther, and Daisy as they navigate university life and the challenges of newfound independence. Facing boys and academic pressure, their friendship is put to the test. Join the trio on their journey through university.

Komi Can’t Communicate

School Issues

In “Komi Can’t Communicate” by Tomohito Oda, follow the story of Komi, a nervous high school student with a dream of making friends. Suddenly, she meets Tadano, a shy student who wants to help her achieve her goal of making friends. As the exam approaches, a competition occurs between Komi and a classmate. Will Komi handle the challenge while still trying to make friends?

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Miki Falls


In “Miki Falls” by Mark Crilley, it’s summer, and Miki is navigating the complexities of love. Her senior year takes a turn as she gains the trust of Hiro, who shares his secret task with her. But when Miki takes matters into her own hands, she realizes that her actions may have dangerous consequences. This story delves into the challenges of trust and the consequences of trying to set things right.

The Secret of the Wings


In “The Secret of the Wings” by James Tynion, Wynd and his friends begin on a dangerous journey to the Faerie Empire. As they face mysterious enemies and dangers, Wynd is captured and must find a way to escape. The novel explores the importance of bravery and friendship.

Something is Killing the Children


In “Something is Killing the Children” by James Tynion, the town of Archer’s Peak is troubled by the disappearance of its children. When all hope seems lost, a mysterious woman named Erica arrives, revealing terrifying creatures behind the disappearance. She is the only one who can see these monsters and is determined to destroy the danger at any cost.

Miss Peregrine’s Home


In “Miss Peregrine’s Home” by Ransom Riggs, Jacob doesn’t believe his grandfather’s amazing stories about a special home for peculiar children. But when his grandfather passes away, Jacob decides to find out if the stories are true. He discovers a mysterious place with extraordinary kids and goes on an exciting adventure full of surprises.



In “Monstress” by Marjorie M. Liu, a teenage girl faces the aftermath of war and has a strange connection with a powerful monster. They both become targets of different forces. This novel takes readers on a journey filled with war, magic, and the strength of the human spirit. Join the brave teenage girl and the powerful monster as they begin on this thrilling adventure that will test their courage.

Deadly Class


In “Deadly Class” by Rick Remender, Marcus Lopez hates school. But his school is no ordinary one, it’s a place where the children of top killers are trained. Murder and killing are part of the syllabus. Follow Marcus as he faces dangerous challenges and deadly secrets at School.

Check, Please!


In “Check, Please!” by Ngozi Ukazu, Eric starts his first year at University as part of the hockey team. He used to be a figure skater. But university hockey is different, and he faces new challenges. He also has a moody captain named Jack. This funny graphic novel shows Eric’s journey through university, hockey, and discovering who he really is.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


In “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, follows a darker story of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. As she turns sixteen, Sabrina must choose between her magical destiny and her boyfriend, Harvey. But an old enemy returns with a dangerous plan. Join Sabrina on this thrilling adventure!



In “Legend” by Marie Lu, meet June and Day, two teenagers from different worlds in the Republic. June is from a wealthy district, while Day is a wanted criminal. When June’s brother is killed, Day becomes the main suspect. Now, they must join forces to survive and find the truth behind the conspiracy.

Fence: Rise


In “Fence: Rise” by C. S. Pacat, join Nicholas and his friends as they begin on an exciting journey at the Training Camp. Facing tough competition, Nicholas struggles with defeats from an old enemy. Nicholas must find the strength to overcome these challenges.



In “Graceling” by Kristin Cashore, follow the journey of Katsa, a Graceling with extraordinary skill. She uses her ability to execute his will until she meets Po, a foreign prince. Together, they discover shocking secrets that could change everything. Graceling is a story of adventure and self-discovery.

Harley Quinn


In “Harley Quinn” by Mariko Tamaki, follow the journey of Harleen as she faces life challenges. She becomes friends with Ivy but has trouble when her mother’s place is threatened. Now, Harleen must decide between helping Ivy improve the neighborhood or joining The Joker to fight against big companies. This novel is a compelling story of growing up.

Wonder Woman


In “Wonder Woman” by Leigh Bardugo, follow the journey of Diana as she begins her first adventure beyond Themyscira. Eager to prove herself, Diana risks everything to save a mortal girl named Alia. Together, they face powerful enemies to prevent disaster and stand strong against the waves of war.

Under the Moon


“Under the Moon” by Lauren Myracle follows a teenager named Selina living on the tough streets of Gotham. She wants to be kind, but sometimes she has to be strong to stay safe. Selina is trying to find out who she really is and wants to be loved.


We hope that our list of graphic novels for teens has given you some great options to choose from and your teenager will have fun exploring these exciting graphic novels.

The graphic novels recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best graphic novels for teens. While I may not have personally read all of these novels, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which graphic novel your teenager enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite book that we missed. Please leave your comments and feedback below.

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