18 Pleasurable Graphic Novels For Kindergarten

Graphic novels can be a valuable tool in developing reading skills in kindergarten. A graphic novel is a book format that combines illustrations and text to tell a story.

In this post, we will explore 18 Pleasurable Graphic Novels For Kindergarten.

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The graphic novels mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best graphic novels for kindergarten.

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Overview Of The 18 Pleasurable Graphic Novels For Kindergarten

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Pizza and Taco: Rock Out!


In “Pizza and Taco: Rock Out!” by Stephen Shaskan, the dynamic duo of Pizza and Taco begins on a musical adventure. With a passion for music, they form a band. However, as they explore their musical talents, they soon face some challenges. Join Pizza and Taco in this hilarious and delightful story.

Donut Feed the Squirrels


In “Donut Feed the Squirrels” by Mika Song, Norma, and Belly have a strong desire for donuts. Determined to satisfy their hunger, the squirrels embark on a hilarious journey to get the biggest and most delicious donut. Join Norma and Belly as they navigate the challenges in their journey for donuts and discover the power of teamwork.

All Ketchup, No Mustard!


In “All Ketchup, No Mustard!” by Jason Tharp, meet Nugget and Dog, two friends who share a love for ketchup. Their peace is disrupted when a spicy mustard spreads negativity. Determined to make a difference, Nugget and Dog form the club for promoting kindness and empathy.

Zombie Doughnut Attack!


In “Zombie Doughnut Attack!” by Brian Yanish, best friends Shark and Bot face a new challenge in school. They face something they never expected. Dive into this thrilling story as Shark and Bot navigate the mysterious world of school.

Red Titan and the Runaway Robot


In “Red Titan and the Runaway Robot” by Ryan Kaji, Red Titan, and his parents are having a peaceful day until they receive a call from their friend Peck. A massive robot is destroying the city. Join Red Titan and his friends as they begin on a mission to stop the robot before it’s too late.

Grumpy Monkey Freshly Squeezed


In “Grumpy Monkey Freshly Squeezed” by Suzanne Lang, it’s Wednesday, and Jim is ready for his peaceful walk in the jungle. But when his friend Norman joins him, it becomes too noisy and overwhelming. Now, Jim and his friends are on a journey to find another stress orange. Join them in this funny adventure as they search for a solution.

The Flying Beaver Brothers and the Crazy Critter Race

Adventure And Teamwork

In “The Flying Beaver Brothers and the Crazy Critter Race” by Maxwell Eaton, Ace, and Bub find themselves caught up in an exciting competition. However, they soon discover that the competition has bad motives, and a dangerous vine is rapidly spreading across the islands. With the help of their fellow competitors, Ace and Bub must solve the mystery and put an end to the vine attack.

New Kids in the Flock


In “New Kids in the Flock” by Elise Gravel, Arlo, a genius bird, faces the challenges of parenthood with the support of his partner Marla. Together, they navigate the journey of building a new nest, caring for Marla during egg incubation, and teaching the chicks. Join Arlo and his feathered family as they begin this exciting chapter in their lives, filled with love, growth, and new adventures.

Bird & Squirrel On the Edge!

Friendship And Bravery

In “Bird & Squirrel On the Edge!” by James Burks, Bird, and Squirrel are on the final portion of their journey, but things take a turn. After a run, Bird suffers from amnesia, leaving Squirrel to protect both Bird and a baby bear as they navigate the treacherous Great Mountains. With hungry wolves chasing them, Squirrel must find the courage to lead and keep them all safe.

Narwhal’s School of Awesomeness


In “Narwhal’s School of Awesomeness” by Ben Clanton, Narwhal and Jelly take on the role of teachers and begin a day filled with exciting lessons and adventures. With their unique teaching methods and positive attitudes, they make learning fun for everyone. Join Narwhal and Jelly on this school adventure that celebrates friendship and the joy of learning.

A Tale of Two Sloths


In “A Tale of Two Sloths” by Graham Annable, meet Peter and Ernesto, two sloths who may be best friends, but have different personalities. Peter prefers to stay placed, while Ernesto dreams of exploring the world. When Ernesto embarks on an adventure, Peter stays behind and worries. However, their time apart teaches them valuable lessons about themselves and the importance of friendship.

Just a Little Blue


In “Just a Little Blue” by Andy Runton, join the lovely duo of Owly and Wormy. When they discover a bluebird family in need of a new home, Owly and Wormy set out to help and must find a way to keep the birds safe. This graphic novel teaches kindergarten about kindness, friendship, and the power of helping others.

CatStronauts: Race to Mars


In “CatStronauts: Race to Mars” by Drew Brockington, join the fearless team of Cats as they embark on a new mission. In this mission, the CatStronauts face a new challenge: the race to Mars. With other cats competing of being the first cats to reach Mars, the CatStronauts must overcome obstacles and prove themselves once again.

Pirates Past Noon


In “Pirates Past Noon” by Mary Pope Osborne, join Jack and Annie as they begin another thrilling adventure in the magic tree house. This time, they find themselves captured by pirates and taken to a beautiful beach that soon turns dangerous. Jack and Annie must find treasure to secure their freedom.

Benny and Penny in Just Pretend


In “Benny and Penny in Just Pretend” by Geoffrey Hayes, Benny is eager to play the role of a brave pirate, but his younger sister Penny wants to join him. Benny attempts to get rid of her, but in doing so, he feels a sense of emptiness. However, Penny shows her courage by rescuing Benny from a bug. This heartwarming story explores sibling dynamics and the importance of bravery.



In “Hippopotamister” by John Patrick Green, the zoo is in danger. Hippo and his friend Panda decide to begin into the human world. Hippo becomes a Hippopotamister, taking on various jobs and wearing a mask. While he excels at different occupations, he desires a job where he can truly be himself. Join Hippo on this delightful and heartwarming journey of self-discovery.

Kitten Construction Company


In “Kitten Construction Company” by John Patrick Green, Marmalade, a trained architect and cute kitten forms a team of builders, all kittens, to prove their worth in a world where humans hold power. Join this charming group of kitty builders as they navigate challenges and showcase their talents.

Johnny Boo


In “Johnny Boo” by James Kochalka, meet Johnny Boo, the little ghost with Boo Power, which allows him to shout loudly. With his pet ghost Squiggle, who has the Power to fly, they begin on exciting ghostly adventures.


We hope that our list of graphic novels for kindergarten has given you some great options to choose from and you and your kid will have fun exploring these exciting graphic novels together.

The graphic novels recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best graphic novels for kindergarten. While I may not have personally read all of these novels, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which graphic novel your kindergarten enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite book that we missed. Please leave your comments and feedback below.

Best wishes and happy reading to you and your family!

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