33 Outstanding Graphic Novels For 5th Graders (Age 10)

Graphic novels are a fantastic medium for engaging young readers and fostering their love for storytelling. Graphic novels have become increasingly popular among 5th graders, who are around the age of 10.

In this post, we will explore 33 Outstanding Graphic Novels For 5th Graders (Age 10).

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The graphic novels mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best graphic novels for 5th graders.

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Overview Of The 33 Outstanding Graphic Novels For 5th Graders (Age 10)

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The Stone Heart


“The Stone Heart” by Faith Erin Hicks tells the story of Kaidu and Rat, who survives an assassination attempt and find themselves in a city filled with destruction. The people in the city are fighting. Kaidu must find a way to prevent a war and protect his friends. Join them on this exciting adventure of friendship and challenges.

Surprisingly Sarah

School Life

In “Surprisingly Sarah” by Terri Libenson, Sarah and Leo have been best friends. They share everything, until Sarah develops feelings for Ben, who happens to be Leo’s friend. Now, Sarah is faced with a tough decision. It will test the strength of her friendship with Leo. Join Sarah as she navigates middle school challenges.


School Life

In “Crunch” by Kayla Miller, Olive is a girl who loves trying new things and staying busy. With her busy schedule, Olive faces the challenge of finding time for everything, including herself. Join Olive on her journey of self-discovery and finding a healthy balance.

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In “Timepocalypse” by Paul Tobin, the beloved characters from the popular game Plants vs. Zombies are back for more adventures. Dave teams up with Patrice and Nate to defend against Zomboss’s latest global attack. Join them in this adventure filled with time-traveling and laughter.

Karen’s Birthday


In “Karen’s Birthday” by Ann M. Martin, it’s Karen’s special day, and she’s excited about the presents and parties that await her. She’s looking forward to celebrating with her family together. Join Karen as she hopes for her birthday wish to come true.

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Claudia and Mean Janine

Sibling Connections

In “Claudia and Mean Janine” by Ann M. Martin, Claudia and her sister Janine couldn’t be more different. Claudia is more focused on her art than her schoolwork, while Janine is the perfect student. Claudia often feels outranked by her sister’s achievements. However, when a sudden event affects their family, the sisters must set aside their differences and come together.

Third Time’s a Charm


In “Third Time’s a Charm” by Kristen Gudsnuk, Dany and Madison discover they’re in a strange reality where they think they’re twins. Their parents’ lives have changed, so they begin to investigate. Join Dany and Madison on their exciting adventure as they try to make things right again.

Absolutely Nat


In “Absolutely Nat” by Maria Scrivan, Natalie’s summer camp experience turns out worse. Instead of being with her best friends, she’s stuck with a boy and an irritating girl named Millie. Join Natalie on her journey of self-discovery in this delightful story.

Sunny Makes a Splash


In “Sunny Makes a Splash” by Jennifer L. Holm, it’s summer and Sunny is feeling bored and looking for something exciting to do. Luckily, she finds it at the community pool, where she becomes a pro at serving snacks and ice cream. Join Sunny on her summer adventure filled with fun and independence.

Friends Forever

School Life

In “Friends Forever” by Shannon Hale, Shannon is facing a complex life. As her classmates start dating, Shannon feels left out and struggles to find happiness. Dealing with depression, Shannon Hale delivers a heartfelt message to young readers everywhere in the form of this novel.

S’More Magic


In “S’More Magic” by Sophie Escabasse, Effie is not excited about spending her summer at an old camp and left the camp alone. Join Eiffie in this adventure filled with magic.

The Last Council


In “The Last Council” by Kazu Kibuishi, Emily and her friends seek assistance in a town where the streets are empty, and the people live in fear. Emily is taken to the Academy to compete. However, as the competition progresses and secrets uncover, Emily discovers a truth that changes her life.

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The Rise of Herk


In “The Rise of Herk” by Doug TenNapel, the lovable Nnewt, Herk, embarks on a new adventure. However, when the Lizzarks attack on the city with a monster, Herk must get the help of the megasloth to save Amphibopolis.

The Amber Anthem


In “The Amber Anthem” by Mark Siegel, Oona Lee arrives on Salassandra with a mission to get the beacon and continue her journey to save the Five Worlds from danger. However, the beacon is trapped in amber. To succeed, Oona and her friends must find the Amber Anthem.

Fallen Empires


In “Fallen Empires” by Mike Maihack, Cleopatra and her friends work together to find the spy who is causing trouble at the school. Along the way, they learn more about Octavian, Cleo’s former best friend who turned into a mean leader and they both have a big battle. Join Cleo on this exciting journey filled with friendship and a fight for freedom.



In “Sorceline” by Sylvia Douyé, Sorceline is a talented student of the school of cryptozoology. But she struggles to understand her fellows and often clashes with her classmates. When one of her rivals goes missing, Sorceline must put aside her anger and start the journey to find her.


Self-Discovery And Suspense

In “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman, a curious young girl named Coraline discovers a door that leads to an alternate version of her own house, A different mother and father live there, and they want Coraline to stay with them. Determined to escape their clutches and return to her ordinary life, Coraline must gather her bravery to face a dangerous situation.


In “PopularMMOs Presents Enter the Mine,” the duo Pat and Jen begin on another thrilling adventure. Mysterious holes start appearing, and their friends begin to disappear. Now, they must rescue their friends, discover the mastermind behind this devilish plan, and find a way back home.

The Brightest Night


In “The Brightest Night” by Tui T. Sutherland, Sunny takes her role in the Dragonet Prophecy. With her fellow dragonets, she’s determined to bring an end to the war in Pyrrhia. As she embarks on a journey, Sunny discovers secrets and faces dangers. Join Sunny and her friends in this installment of the Wings of Fire series as they face their ultimate challenge.

Then Everything Went Wrong


In “Then Everything Went Wrong” by Judd Winick, join D.J. and Hilo on an action-packed adventure to Hilo’s home planet. As they find the truth about Hilo’s past, everything Hilo believed is turned upside down. Now, Hilo and his friends must face together the mystery.

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Spy Camp


In “Spy Camp” by Stuart Gibbs, Ben Ripley, a school student training to be a spy, is looking forward to a fun summer. However, his plans take a turn when SPYDER, an enemy spy organization, enters the spy camp where he is attending training. Now, Ben must use his skills to find the enemy within the camp.

Big Nate: Mr. Popularity 


In “Big Nate: Mr. Popularity” by Lincoln Peirce, Nate has set his eyes on becoming Mr. Popularity. Determined to win the election, he faces the challenge of competing against more famous kids. With the help of his friend Francis, Nate believes he has a shot at success. Join Nate on his entertaining campaign as he navigates the ups and downs of middle school politics.

I Survived the Shark Attacks

Historical Fiction

“I Survived the Shark Attacks” by Lauren Tarshis. Set during the shark attacks of 1916, the story follows Chet Roscow as he faces a terrifying shark while spending his summer in a New Jersey town. This graphic novel brings the brutal true events to life, providing an engaging reading experience for fans who enjoy historical stories.

Lightfall: Shadow of the Bird


In “Lightfall: Shadow of the Bird” by Tim Probert, Bea and Cad continue their perilous journey to stop the mythical bird. Together they face a bad threat to their planet. As they search for a solution, Bea and Cad must face difficult choices and find the truth.

The Aquanaut


“The Aquanaut” by Dan Santat. After her father’s disappearance, Sophia discovers a hidden world when a visitor, the “aquanaut,” enters the marine park. With the help of a group of sea creatures, Sophia begins on a mission to save marine life and find the truth within Aqualand.

Garlic and the Vampire


In “Garlic and the Vampire” by Bree Paulsen, Garlic, a vegetable, always feels like she’s making mistakes. With her loyal friend Carrot, Garlic finds comfort in her garden. However, when the villagers locate a vampire in a castle, they turn to Garlic to face him. Garlic must gather the courage to face the mysterious vampire and prove herself.

The Tea Dragon Society


“The Tea Dragon Society” by K. O’Neill, tells the story of Greta, who stumbles upon a lost tea dragon. Through her friendship with the tea shop owners and their community, Greta discovers the art of tea dragon care-taking and how it brings joy to their lives. Join Greta on a magical journey as she becomes immersed in the world of tea dragons.



In “Enemies” by Svetlana Chmakova, Felicity is determined to achieve something powerful. Her sister, Letty, teases her about not finishing things, but Felicity enjoys her busy life with friends and games. So she enters a contest to prove herself to Letty. Join Felicity on her journey of self-discovery and friendship.



In “Sheets” by Brenna Thummler, Marjorie is a regular girl who feels invisible as she helps run her family’s business. Wendell, a young ghost, causes trouble in the laundromat where Marjorie works. As they both meet, Marjorie must deal with courage with the ghost and face her fears.

Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld


In “Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld” by Shannon Hale, Amaya, a princess of House Amethyst, finds herself grounded to Earth after a magical prank. Three years later, Amaya has adjusted to ordinary life, unaware of her true magical destiny. But when a prince from Gemworld brings her back, she must navigate her newfound powers. Join Amaya on this thrilling adventure as she discovers her true identity as Princess.

Anti Hero


In “Anti/Hero” by Kate Karyus Quinn, two girls find themselves in an intense situation when a mission goes wrong and they switch bodies. As they navigate each other’s lives, they discover the true meaning of friendship. This captivating story explores the themes of empathy and friendship.

Rapunzel’s Revenge


In “Rapunzel’s Revenge” by Dean Hale, Rapunzel takes matters into her own hands as she escapes her tower and begins a journey of discovery and revenge. Teaming up with Jack, they embark on daring adventures across the western landscape to rescue her mother and bring justice.

Remarkably Ruby

School Life

In “Remarkably Ruby” by Terri Libenson, Ruby and Mia may seem like complete opposites in middle school. Ruby is a bit awkward, while Mia is more popular, seeking to become class president. They used to be friends but now feel like they have nothing in common. However, as their stories unfold, they discover that they may have more in common than they realize. This heartwarming tale explores friendship and finding connections in middle school challenges.

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We hope that our list of graphic novels for 5th graders has given you some great options to choose from and you and your 10 year old will have fun exploring these exciting graphic novels together.

The graphic novels recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best graphic novels for 5th graders. While I may not have personally read all of these novels, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which graphic novel your 10 year old enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite book that we missed. Please leave your comments and feedback below.

Best wishes and happy reading to you and your family!

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