41 Incredible Graphic Novels For 4th Graders (Age 9)

In recent years, graphic novels have gained huge popularity among young readers, offering a unique and stunning storytelling experience.

In this post, we will explore 41 Incredible Graphic Novels For 4th Graders

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The graphic novels mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best graphic novels for 4th graders.

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Overview Of The 41 Incredible Graphic Novels For 4th Graders

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Waking the Monsters


In “Waking the Monsters” by Judd Winick, DJ and Gina, two ordinary kids, join forces with Hilo, a space boy, to battle against the Robot Monsters. With Hilo’s new superpowers and the determination of their team, they aim to save their world from these powerful creatures.

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The Nameless City


“The Nameless City” by Faith Erin Hicks is a story about a city that keeps getting taken over by different nations. The people who live there call it the Nameless City. Kaidu, who is not from the city, becomes friends with Rat, a local. Their friendship becomes very important for the city’s future.

Secrets and Sidekicks


“Secrets and Sidekicks” by Colleen A. F. Venable tells the story of Katie and her friend Beth, who join sidekick training together. But Katie gets worried when she realizes that Beth is good at being a sidekick, and giant robots are attacking the city. With the help of her cats, Katie must find a way to save the day.

The Stonekeeper’s Curse

Adventure And Suspense

“The Stonekeeper’s Curse” by Kazu Kibuishi continues the thrilling journey of Emily and Navin as they seek help for their mother’s coma. They soon discover that their search for aid brings them to face dangerous challenges.

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The Battle for Amphibopolis

Teamwork And Bravery

In “The Battle for Amphibopolis” by Doug TenNapel, the final book in the Nnewts trilogy, Herk is turning into a Lizzark and leaving his Nnewt friends. His siblings and the Lizzark army threaten to destroy Amphibopolis. The Nnewts need a hero to stop them and save their world.

The Okay Witch and the Hungry Shadow


In “The Okay Witch and the Hungry Shadow” by Emma Steinkellner, Moth Hush, a young witch, faces the difficulties of school while embracing her newfound powers. When she finds a mysterious magic, it transforms her into a confident and popular version of herself. However, she soon learns that some consequences and dangers come with this change.

Lightfall: The Girl & the Galdurian


“Lightfall: The Girl & the Galdurian” by Tim Probert, follows Bea and Cad, a duo, as they begin on a journey to save their world from falling into darkness. In their search for the missing Pig Wizard, Bea, and Cad face mysteries and dangers that threaten their world.

What the Hex?


“What the Hex?!” by Sophie Escabasse, follows Effie, a young witch, who is excited to meet more witches in Brooklyn. However, she begins to notice changes in her friendships and struggles with the challenges of learning magic. As Effie navigates her life as a witch, she discovers that things are about to get even stranger in Brooklyn.

Apple Crush

School Life

“Apple Crush” by Lucy Knisley, follows Jen as she adjusts to her new life on Peapod Farm with her stepsisters, Andy and Reese. As she enters sixth grade, Jen faces new challenges and navigates the complexities of friendships and crushes.

Mary Anne Saves the Day


“Mary Anne Saves the Day” by Ann M. Martin is about Mary Anne, a member of The Baby-sitters Club, who has to deal with a big fight among the club members and faces difficulties at school. Mary Anne must find a way to solve her problems and save the club. This heartwarming story explores friendship and personal growth.

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Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls


“Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls” by Dav Pilkey, follows the Supa Buddies, a group of superhero friends, who are helping Dog Man improve his behavior. However, Dog Man faces a new challenge when a supervillain targets him. Join the fun as Dog Man and his friends face challenges, and learn important lessons about empathy and kindness.

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Best Friends

School Life

In “Best Friends” by Shannon Hale, sixth-grader Shannon thinks she has it all as part of the popular group with her best friend, Jen. But she soon discovers that following the rules is challenging and she wonders if she should even follow them. Join Shannon on her journey through middle school as she learns about friendship and being true to herself.


School Life

“Act” by Kayla Miller follows the story of Olive as she enters sixth grade with excitement and a class field trip. However, when she discovers an unfair school policy preventing some students from going on the trip, Olive takes action and starts a campaign against her school. Join Olive on her journey as she learns about friendship and the power of standing up for what’s right.

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The Dragonet Prophecy

Adventure And Friendship

“The Dragonet Prophecy” by Tui T. Sutherland tells the story of Clay, a young dragon, who is chosen to fulfill a special task and stop a war between dragon tribes. Although Clay is unsure about his role, he values his friendships with other dragonets. When one of their friends is in danger, Clay and his mates work together to keep them safe. Join Clay and his dragonet friends on an exciting adventure filled with friendship and bravery.

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Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl


In “Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl” by Ben Hatke, Jack and Lilly, meet Zita the Spacegirl who seeks their help to face a new danger. However, they soon discover that the danger is far greater than expected. The heroes must unite to overcome the enemy. Join them on a thrilling journey through worlds as they fight to save humanity.

Big Nate Makes the Grade

School Life

In “Big Nate Makes the Grade” by Lincoln Peirce, readers delve into the entertaining school life of Nate Wright. Known for his naughty nature, Nate faces a new challenge of beating his classmate Gina in academics. Join Nate, his friends, and his patient teachers in this hilarious story.

Knife’s Edge


In “Knife’s Edge” by Hope Larson, Cleopatra and Dodge begin on a thrilling adventure with their father in search of a hidden treasure. As they sail the dangerous seas, they face danger and encounter enemies. Can the twins stay united and find the treasure before it’s too late?

Diana Princess of the Amazons


In “Diana, Princess of the Amazons” by Shannon Hale, Diana feels lonely as the only child on the island of Themyscira. Diana desires a friend of her age and she creates a clay playmate. However, things take a turn, and Diana must face whether she has created a friend or a monster. Join Diana on her journey of self-discovery and friendship.

Beware The Kitten Holy


“Beware the Kitten Holy” by ND Stevenson, follows the adventures of 5 friends. These five best friends are determined to have an amazing summer, even if they have to face supernatural creatures and begin on insane journeys.

PAWS: Gabby Gets It Together

Love For Pets

“PAWS: Gabby Gets It Together” by Nathan Fairbairn tells the story of three best friends who love animals but can’t have pets. They started a dog-walking business called PAWS to be around furry friends. But running a business is harder than they expected, and their different personalities cause battles. They must work together to save their friendship and business.

Making Friends: Back to the Drawing Board


In “Back to the Drawing Board” by Kristen Gudsnuk, Dany’s life seems to be going well with her best friend Madison. However, things take a turn when Dany creates a clone of herself, resulting in the release of a magical dog that destroys the town. Dany, Madison, and their friends must race against time to fix the situation. Join them in this exciting adventure filled with friendship and magical mishaps.

Forget Me Nat


In “Forget Me Nat” by Maria Scrivan, Natalie’s confidence soars as she gains praise for her talents and spends time with her crush, Derek. But when Derek wants to be just friends, Natalie’s self-confidence is destroyed. Natalie must find the strength to overcome her challenges alone. Join Natalie on her journey of self-discovery and strength in this story.

Becoming Brianna

School Life

In “Becoming Brianna” by Terri Libenson, middle schooler Bri finds herself facing a series of challenges. Despite her choice to stay out of the spotlight, she agrees to take on new tasks that involve learning at school and home. Join Bri as she navigates the ups and downs of middle school and self-discovery in this novel.

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Sunny Rolls the Dice

School Life

In “Sunny Rolls the Dice” by Jennifer L. Holm, Sunny starts middle school and enjoys playing games with new friends, While her friend Deb focuses on fashion and boys. Sunny learns that trying to be cool can be stressful and it’s more fun to just be yourself. Follow Sunny on her funny journey to find her happiness.

I Survived The Sinking of the Titanic


“I Survived The Sinking of the Titanic” by Lauren Tarshis, follows George and his sister, Phoebe, who begin on a journey aboard the Titanic. George’s curiosity leads him to explore every corner of the ship, but when disaster strikes and the Titanic starts sinking, George must gather all his courage to survive.

Spy School

School Life

In “Spy School” by Stuart Gibbs, middle-schooler Ben Ripley dreams of becoming a CIA agent, but his awkward personality doesn’t seem to fit. When he is recruited by a school, which turns out to be a junior CIA academy, Ben’s dreams seem to come true. Ben embraces his chance to become a spy and begins a series of humorous adventures.

Doodleville: Art Attacks!


In “Art Attacks!” by Chad Sell, Mike steals an old hat and causes trouble when her friend, Levi, accidentally takes an old baby instead of returning the hat. The Art Institute of Chicago becomes a battlefield. Drew worries about being blamed, but with her art club, she must save the museum and its masterpieces. Join Drew on this exciting adventure filled with art, mishaps, and the power of friendship.



In “Minecraft” by Sarah Graley, Tyler’s life takes a turn when his family moves to a new town. Luckily, he has a group of friends connected through the world of Minecraft. Together they embark on exciting adventures in the Overworld. Join Tyler and his friends in this Minecraft adventure that tests their bravery and teamwork.

Enola Holmes


In “Enola Holmes” by Serena Blasco, Enola Holmes is determined to rescue three women who are in danger. With the help of her brother Sherlock, they uncover the truth and solve the case. Join Enola and Sherlock in this thrilling and suspenseful adventure.

The Thief and the Sword


“The Thief and the Sword” by Mike Maihack continues the thrilling adventures of Cleo, a young hero determined to rescue a stolen ancient sword. Cleo finds herself navigating the challenges and the weight of her responsibilities. As she delves deeper, Cleo begins on a dangerous journey to discover the time tablets that hold her future.

Unicorn vs. Goblins


In “Unicorn vs. Goblins” by Dana Simpson, Phoebe and her best friend, Marigold, are excited about summer break. As they begin on new experiences, old friends and new faces join them. Through their joyful adventures, Phoebe and Marigold discover that their friendship is truly magical.

Warriors Manga


In “Warriors Manga” by Erin Hunter, Graystripe, a member of ThunderClan, has been taken captive by Twolegs. Determined to find his Clan, he begins a journey with Millie, a kitty pet. However, the forest has been destroyed, and Graystripe faces the challenge of finding a path back to his Clan. Join Graystripe as he navigates the forest and seeks to find his home.

Daydream Receiver


In “Daydream Receiver” by Jake Maddox, Gus Charles is a dreamer who imagines himself as the star player. However, in reality, he rarely gets a chance to play. Determined to prove himself, Gus shows his teammates that his size won’t hold him back from pursuing his dreams.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

School Life

In “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” by Jeff Kinney, join Greg Heffley as he navigates the challenges of middle school. Through his diary entries, Greg shares the ups and downs of growing up, capturing the humor and relatable experiences of school life.

Miles Morales


“Miles Morales” by Justin A. Reynolds, follows a regular kid named Miles Morales who leads a double life as Spider-Man. While balancing school, Miles swings through the streets of Brooklyn as the superhero. When a devastating earthquake hits, Miles steps up to organize a fundraiser to help the island. Join Miles Morales on an action-packed journey that showcases the true hero.



In “Primer” by Thomas Krajewski, meet Ashley Rayburn, a young girl who finds stability with loving parents after a rough past. However, her world takes a turn when she discovers a set of body paints that grant special superpowers. Now, Ashley must navigate a dangerous situation as the government behind the paints seeks to reclaim them. With her newfound abilities, she must protect her family while facing the challenges.

All’s Faire in Middle School

School Life

In “All’s Faire in Middle School” by Victoria Jamieson, Impy is eager to start her training as a squire at the Fair where her parents work. But before that, she sets herself on a journey of attending public school. Middle school turns out to be challenging for Impy as she tries to fit in and navigate the complexities of friendships.

The Tryout


“The Tryout” by Christina Soontornvat follows the story of Christina and her best friend, Megan, as they eagerly participate in cheerleading tryouts. They hope to finally belong and be accepted by their peers. However, the pressure and challenges of the tryouts test their friendship and their ability to fight competition.

The Secret Garden


“The Secret Garden” by Mariah Marsden tells the story of Mary, a girl with a bad attitude, who goes to live in a private estate. As she explores the estate and meets interesting people, Mary hears about a garden with a sad past. With the help of her new friends, Mary begins an exciting adventure.



In “Allergic” by Megan Wagner Lloyd, Maggie loves animals and thinks a puppy could be the perfect pet, but she discovers she is allergic to down. Determined to find a way, Maggie sets out to outsmart her allergies and find a pet that is just right for her.

Karen’s School Picture

School Life

In “Karen’s School Picture” by Katy Farina, Karen is faced with getting glasses, which she doesn’t want, especially because of school. However, she picks out pink glasses. But then a classmate named Ricky starts teasing her. Karen is torn between wearing her glasses and facing Ricky’s insult. Join Karen in this story as she navigates self-acceptance and standing up to bullies.

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We hope that our list of graphic novels for 4th graders has given you some great options to choose from and you and your 4th grader will have fun exploring these exciting graphic novels together.

The graphic novels recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best graphic novels for 4th graders. While I may not have personally read all of these novels, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which graphic novel your 4th grader enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite book that we missed. Please leave your comments and feedback below.

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