21 Awesome Graphic Novels For 13 Year Olds (8th Grade)

Graphic novels are an excellent choice for young readers as they combine visual attraction with engaging storytelling.

In this post, we will explore 21 Awesome Graphic Novels For 13 Year Olds (8th Grade).

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The graphic novels mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best graphic novels for 13 year olds.

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Overview Of The 21 Awesome Graphic Novels For 13 Year Olds (8th Grade)

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In “Mooncakes” by Suzanne Walker, Nova is a teenage witch who works at the bookshop. One night, she meets her old friend Tam fighting a horse demon. Tam is a werewolf who has been searching for a home. Together, they explore magic and discover new powers. Join Nova and Tam on an exciting journey of self-discovery.

Anya’s Ghost


In “Anya’s Ghost” by Vera Brosgol, Anya is lonely and wishes for a friend. But she didn’t expect to find one. The new friend is a ghost who died a long time ago. Anya’s life is already hard with family problems and struggling to fit in at school. Having a ghost friend seems like a good idea. Join Anya is this funny graphic novel about friendship.

Five Nights at Freddy’s


In “Five Nights at Freddy’s” by Scott Cawthon, John is trying to find out what happened to his friend Charlie. He keeps having nightmares about her disappearance. Now, there’s a new pizza place opening in town, and more kids are going missing. John teams up with his friends who also lost someone. Together, they have to solve the mystery and find the missing children.

Demon in the Wood 


In “Demon in the Wood” by Leigh Bardugo, follows Eryk’s past. He becomes the Darkling, a powerful character. Eryk is a lonely boy with a special power that makes him different. Discover the secrets and fears surrounding the Darkling’s origins. This story explores the dark world of the Grisha. Get ready for an exciting adventure!

Dreams Come to Life


In “Dreams Come to Life” by Adrienne Kress, Buddy is a boy who works as a delivery person in New York City. He wants to be an artist but thinks it’s impossible. One day, he meets Mister Joey Drew, who owns an animation studio. Buddy becomes Mister Drew’s helper and discovers a new world. He realizes that dreams can come true, but things at the studio aren’t as perfect as they seem. With his friend Dot, Buddy investigates strange things happening and finds out secrets. Join them on this adventure filled with mysteries.

Hey, Kiddo


In “Hey, Kiddo” by Jarrett Krosoczka, the author shares his story of growing up. From childhood, Jarrett’s family life is complicated, with his mother in recovery and his father a mystery. Raised by his old grandparents, Jarrett navigates his childhood by expressing himself through art. As a teenager, he begins to find the truth about his family and face the impact of addiction. This memoir is a deep exploration of strength and family.

Mouse Guard


“Mouse Guard” by David Petersen. Meet Celanawe, a wise member of the Mouse Guard. He begins on a special mission to fulfill a promise made to a young mouse named Lieam. Their journey leads them across lands and waters. Along the way, they solve the legendary mystery. Join Celanawe as he faces dangers and solves mysteries.



In “Nimona” by ND Stevenson, Meet Nimona, a shapeshifter, and Lord Blackheart, a determined villain seeking revenge. Together, they begin on a mission to expose the true character of the heroes of the kingdom. But as the mission continues, Blackheart discovers that Nimona’s powers are mysterious and dangerous.

Almost American Girl


In “Almost American Girl” by Robin Ha, join Robin on a deeply personal journey of identity. Growing up in Seoul, South Korea, Robin, and her mother have always relied on each other. But when they move to Huntsville, Alabama, Robin’s world is turned upside down. Struggling with a new language and a new school, Robin’s unhappiness grows. This graphic novel explores themes of family, culture, and self-discovery.

The Magic Fish


“The Magic Fish” by Trung Le Nguyen tells the story of Tien and his mother, who come from different cultural backgrounds. Despite the language barrier, Tien finds a way to connect with his mother through the reads from the library. But unable to find the right words in Vietnamese, Tien struggles with the fear of not being accepted. This graphic novel explores the complexities of family and the power of storytelling.

American Born Chinese

School Issues

“American Born Chinese” by Gene Luen Yang weaves together the stories of three characters. Jin Wang, a Chinese-American student, faces the challenges of being the only one of his type at his new school. The Monkey King struggles with his own identity. And Chin-Kee, a Chinese. These unrelated stories ultimately connect in a surprising ending.

Creepy Cat


In “Creepy Cat” by Cotton Valent, Flora discovers a strange animal named Creepy Cat when she moves into a mysterious mansion. Her life takes a turn as she becomes a mate with this mysterious cat. Combining elements of comedy, this book promises both laughter and thrills.

A Thief Among the Trees


In “A Thief Among the Trees” by Sabaa Tahir, Elias, Helene, and Tavi are Fivers training to become elite soldiers for the Empire. Set a dangerous mission to steal a heavily guarded poison. As they uncover the true horrors of their task, they are forced to face the oppressive Martial rule and make choices to survive.

Blue Lock


In “Blue Lock” by Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Isagi finds himself in Team Z, the least group at the training facility Blue Lock. The facility’s goal is to develop Japan’s top striker. Isagi and his teammates must learn how to utilize their individual strengths and navigate the challenges during the first-round tournament. Explore the world of soccer and self-discovery in this manga series.



“Witchy” by Ariel Slamet, is set in the kingdom of Hyalin. In this world, the length of your hair determines how strong your magic is. Nyneve, a young witch, has committed a forbidden act by cutting her hair, leaving her with low magic. She begins on a journey through an ancient forest with her companion to seek safety. Join Nyneve in this story of magic and self-discovery.

Magical Boy


“Magical Boy” by The Kao, Meet Max, navigating the challenges of high school. Everything changes when his mom reveals a secret that Max is part of a family of Magical Girls who protect humanity from an ancient evil. With the support of his friends and a companion, Max embraces his destiny as the next Magical Boy.

Project Nought

Science Fiction

In “Project Nought” by Chelsey Furedi, Ren finds himself transported from 1996 to the year 2122 through a time-travel program. In this future world, Ren learns about history. As Ren navigates his emotions, he also uncovers a troubling truth that his fellow time travelers could be in serious danger. Join Ren on a thrilling journey filled with mystery and the battle for survival.

Mean Girls: Senior Year


In “Mean Girls: Senior Year” by Arianna Irwin, the characters are back for their senior year. Cady, Regina, and their friends are determined to leave behind the past and focus on academic applications. However, their plans are disrupted by a new transfer student, Megan, who wants to become the next popular girl. Now, Cady and her friends must stop Megan from taking over the school.

Teen Titans: Beast Boy


In “Teen Titans: Beast Boy” by Kami Garcia, Garfield is a teenager who has always felt neglected. Determined to make an impression, Gar takes a daring challenge that suddenly boosts his popularity. But as he gains newfound abilities, Gar realizes there are consequences to his transformation. He must face the truth about himself and the people who care about him before things get out of control.

Lost in Taiwan


In “Lost in Taiwan” by Mark Crilley, Paul finds himself exploring a new country when he gets stuck with his brother for two weeks. With no interest in the culture or the place, Paul gets lost in the narrow streets of Taiwan. Determined to find his way back, Paul begins on an adventure, discovering possibilities and friendships.

Anne of Green Gables


In “Anne of Green Gables” by L.M. Montgomery, siblings Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert had planned to adopt a boy to assist them on their farm. However, they end up with a spirited girl named Anne Shirley. Anne’s presence brings a delightful energy to Green Gables, as she navigates her way through new friendships and academic challenges. Join Anne on her journey as she embraces the beauty of nature and ignites her imagination.


We hope that our list of graphic novels for 13 year olds has given you some great options to choose from and your 8th grader will have fun exploring these exciting graphic novels together.

The graphic novels recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best graphic novels for 13 year olds. While I may not have personally read all of these novels, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which graphic novel your 8th grader enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite book that we missed. Please leave your comments and feedback below.

Best wishes and happy reading to you and your family!

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