23 Perfect Funny Books For 6th Graders (Age 11)

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Overview Of The 23 Perfect Funny Books For 6th Graders

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Locker Hero

“Locker Hero” by Rachel Renée Russell introduces Max, who faces his biggest challenge at Middle School. While the school is good, there’s one major issue, Doug, the school bully who enjoys locking Max in his locker. Max dreams of being a hero like the ones in his comics, but his talent won’t exactly help him. Join Max, as he navigates challenges and stands up to bullying in his own way.

The Penderwicks

“The Penderwicks” by Jeanne Birdsall follows the Penderwick sisters and their adventurous summer holiday. Set in the Arundel estate, the sisters meet Jeffrey, a boy they befriend while exploring the grounds. Throughout their summer adventures, the sisters begin on various adventures, develop new friendships, and navigate through fun and sometimes challenging situations.

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Get Me Out of Here!

In “Get Me out of Here!” by James Patterson, Rafe faces a new challenge in seventh grade after surviving a rough sixth-grade year. Expecting an escape from the stress of regular academics, Rafe is surprised to find it’s even more demanding than he imagined. To excel, he creates a plan to turn his everyday experiences into fun.


“Ungifted” by Gordon Korman is the story of Donovan Curtis, an average kid. When Donovan’s antics get him into trouble, he receives a letter of admission to the expert program due to a mistaken identity. As Donovan navigates this new world, he discovers his unique talents and brings a fresh perspective to the school.

Famous Mistakes

In “Famous Mistakes” by Carolyn Keene, Nancy’s boyfriend Ned has a podcast, and he’s interviewing a comedian named Brady Owens. Brady got into trouble because of a video that lots of people saw. Nancy is helping with the interview, but when they go to Brady’s hotel room, they find it’s a mess. Nancy decides to find out what happened and solve the mystery in a fun and suspenseful adventure.

The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade

“The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade” by Max Brallier follows a group of kids who are the last survivors in a world overspread by zombies. Jack and his friends battle with zombies, monstrous creatures, and other challenges as they search for safety and a way to save humanity. Packed with humor, suspense, and thrilling encounters, Join the last kids on Earth as they face the zombie parade and fight for survival.

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The Adventures of Nanny Piggins

In “The Adventures of Nanny Piggins” by R. A. Spratt, three kids find themselves under the care of an odd nanny who is a pig! This funny pig named Nanny Piggins has an adventurous nature and brings a year of surprises to these kids. Each day brings new excitement, making their time with Nanny Piggins an unforgettable experience.

A Friday Barnes Mystery

In “A Friday Barnes Mystery” by R. A. Spratt, Friday Barnes, a young detective, solves a bank robbery and goes to the Academy. There, she finds many mysteries, like homework that disappears and rumors about a Yeti. Can Friday solve the mysteries and find the missing homework? Join them in her adventure.

My Life Is a Joke

In “Jacky Ha-Ha: My Life Is a Joke” by James Patterson, meet Jacky, a lively girl who loves acting and singing. She dreams of having a fun-filled summer, but her parents have other plans. She takes a job in a lively town and must also take care of her younger sisters. Despite her responsibilities, Jacky wants to be part of a summer play. Join Jacky in this funny and heartwarming adventure.

Liar, Liar

In “Liar, Liar” by Gary Paulsen, meet Kevin, a boy who has a talent for lying. He doesn’t mean to cause problems, but his lies start to pile up and get him into humorous and serious trouble with everyone around him. Now, Kevin must figure out how to stop his lying once and for all. Join Kevin on this entertaining and heartfelt journey as he learns the importance of honesty and faces the consequences of his untruths.

The Candy Smash

“The Candy Smash” by Jacqueline Davies follows the lives of Evan and Jessie. When unknown candy hearts show up in their class, Jessie takes on the role of finding it. This story captures the essence of family and school life for middle schoolers.

I Funny

“I Funny” by James Patterson tells the story of Jamie, a middle school student with a dream of becoming the world’s greatest comedian. Despite facing challenges in his life, Jamie remains determined. When his Uncle Frankie informs him about a comedy contest, Jamie sees it as an opportunity to prove himself.

Mr. Harrison Is Embarrassin’!

In “Mr. Harrison Is Embarrassin’!” by Dan Gutman, Ella Mentry School faces a major problem when everything starts malfunctioning. Mr. Harrison, the school’s tech expert faces a challenge when a power outage plunges the school into darkness, causing panic among the students and staff. Can Mr. Harrison fix the situation and restore peace to the school?

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Nanny Piggins and the Accidental Blast-Off

In “Nanny Piggins and the Accidental Blast-Off” by R. A. Spratt, Derrick, Samantha, and Michael find themselves in a space adventure when Nanny Piggins accidentally launches NASA’s space shuttle with them. With humor and twists, join Nanny Piggins and the kids on this space journey filled with laughter and thrilling adventures.


In “Supergifted” by Gordon Korman, Donovan and his friend Noah arrive at Donovan’s school, but trouble starts when they clash with cheerleader Megan and jock. Standing up for Noah, Donovan begins a big fight against jock. Later, Donovan ends up doing something heroic. This incident turns Noah into a school hero, but it might bring more challenges.

The 78-Storey Treehouse

In “The 78-Storey Treehouse” by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton, best friends Andy and Terry continue to expand their treehouse. This time, they’ve added more features. But things take a turn when the treehouse gets a little out of control, and they’re faced with accidents. As they navigate through the challenges, their imaginative mind takes kids on an adventure full of laughter and surprises.

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Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog

In “Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog” by Tom Watson, Stick Dog and his friends set out on a mission to grab some delicious hot dogs. As they approach the hot dog seller, their plan faces hilarious challenges. But these determined dogs won’t give up on their journey for tasty meals.

Parachute Kids

“Parachute Kids” by Betty C. Tang follows Feng-Li and her siblings, who left to navigate life in California after their parents returned to Taiwan. They face the challenges of a new school, language obstacles, and home responsibilities. Despite humorous moments, tensions rise as the siblings struggle with bad choices. Feng-Li struggles to keep her family united amidst the chaos.

Dear Dumb Diary Year Two

“Dear Dumb Diary Year Two” by Jim Benton follows Jamie, a middle schooler navigating life’s ups and downs. When she discovers her grandmother’s diary, her curiosity grows and she starts reading it. But as Jamie delves into her grandmother’s diary, she’s surprised to find similarities between her own experiences and her grandmother at the same age.

Big Nate

“Big Nate” by Lincoln Peirce follows the adventures of Nate Wright, a genius with a talent for getting into trouble. Nate navigates middle school life with his friends, dealing with pranks, classroom antics, and schemes that often go wrong. Join Nate and his friends as they navigate friendships, school challenges, and the journey for fun in this story.

The Tapper Twins Go to War

“The Tapper Twins Go to War” by Geoff Rodkey follows Claudia and Reese Tapper and their sibling rivalry. When a prank goes wrong, it starts a war between them. As each twin tries to beat the other, their tricks bring disorder to their school and the entire neighborhood. Through a series of pranks, they engage in a battle of humor.

Katie the Catsitter

“Katie the Catsitter” by Colleen AF Venable follows Katie, an energetic girl who takes on a cat-sitting job. When she’s tasked with the care of her neighbor’s cats, Katie’s excitement turns into a hilarious adventure. However, managing a house full of cats isn’t as simple as she thought. As she navigates the challenges of handling different cat personalities, Katie discovers surprises that make her cat-sitting experience unforgettable.


In “Squished” by Megan Wagner, Avery Lee wants her own room in a house filled with six siblings. She loves art and wants a quiet spot to do it. But things get wrong when her brother Theo gets his own room, and her little brother Max moves in with her. As her family considers moving, things get even more complicated for her. This story is all about family and its humorous moments.


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