21 Thrilling Fantasy Books For 14 Year Olds (9th Grade)

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Overview Of The 21 Thrilling Fantasy Books For 14 Year Olds

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Throne of Glass

“Throne of Glass” by Sarah J. Maas is about an assassin named Celaena. She gets a chance to be free from prison but has to win a competition first. She must beat other criminals to become the Champion. There are dangers in the castle, and some competitors start to die mysteriously. So, her fight for freedom becomes a fight for her life.

The Wicked King

In “The Wicked King” by Holly Black, Jude has a big job. She has to protect her little brother, Oak, who’s going to be the ruler of Faerie. When Jude suspects that someone wants to harm Oak, she takes it upon herself to find the danger and keep him safe. To do this, she relies on her strength to face enemies and challenges in the dangerous world of Faerie.

The Queen of Nothing

In “The Queen of Nothing” by Holly Black, Jude, who used to be the Queen of Faerie, gives up her power over the wicked king. But when her sister is in danger, Jude decides to return to the dangerous Faerie Court to save her. However, Faerie has changed since she left, and war is starting. Join Jude as she faces these challenges and protects her sister and her home.

The Culling Trials

In “The Culling Trials” by Shannon Mayer, follows a girl who receives an invitation that changes her life forever. Her brother is chosen to attend a magical school and their family’s life is on the line if he doesn’t go. But this school has a dark history, as her older brother died there. To protect her sibling, she disguises herself as a boy and takes his place. As she navigates a world of real magic, she must face the school’s challenges with wisdom.

A Hunt of Shadows

In “A Hunt of Shadows” by Elise Kova, Eira embarks on a journey to a distant land. But trouble arises when her enemy escapes and teams up with powerful allies. Eira gets captured, putting her life at risk. To beat the evil forces, she must become stronger and face these dangers with bravery and determination.

Rebel Rose

“Rebel Rose” by Emma Theriault tells the story of Belle, who broke a curse and became a queen in Aveyon. Belle has to learn how to be a queen and make tough choices while dealing with politics and magic. But there are dangers in her own castle and she has to do something to protect her country. She might have to use her inner strength and the magic she has.

Blood Moon

In “Blood Moon” by Michelle Madow, Ruby’s life takes a turn during a trip in the Mountains when she transforms into a wolf. Ruby discovers that she has become a wolf shifter. However, she struggles to use her shifter magic. As she adapts to her new life, some shocking events occur and some human disappears mysteriously. Join Ruby as she struggles with her newfound ability and the challenges that come with it.

Ascendance of a Bookworm

In “Ascendance of a Bookworm” by Miya Kazuki, Myne takes a step by leaving her family and friends in the city behind. She adopts a new identity and becomes the adopted daughter of someone. She must survive magic training, all while fulfilling her duties. Join her as she continues her adventures in the world of magic.

The Tombs of Atuan

In “The Tombs of Atuan” by Ursula K. Le Guin, Tenar’s life changes a lot. She becomes a high priestess to ancient powers and loses her old life. Now, she guards mysterious tombs known as Atuan. But when a magician comes seeking a valuable ring, Tenar is supposed to protect the ring, but she’s captivated by magic. She faces a tough choice, stay in the dark world or take a risk to escape.

Crown of Midnight

In “Crown of Midnight” by Sarah J. Maas, Celaena, who works for the king, doesn’t like the king. But then she finds out that others are also trying to do something against the king. She starts looking for answers and suspects. One night, something terrible occurs and Celaena must decide who she stands with. Join her on this thrilling journey as she navigates a world filled with danger and magic.

Ranger’s Apprentice

In “Ranger’s Apprentice” by John Flanagan, Will has always been afraid of the mysterious Rangers. The villagers believe they have magical powers that make them invisible. However, when Will is chosen as a Ranger’s trainee, he discovers that the Rangers are the kingdom’s protectors. They defend the kingdom from dangers before they can harm the people.

King of Scars

In “King of Scars” by Leigh Bardugo, there’s a young king named Nikolai. He’s really good at doing things that seem impossible. Now, enemies are gathering near his borders, and he has to find a way to make his country strong again and stop a big threat. With the help of a young monk and a general, he goes on a journey to the most magical places in Ravka. He’s ready to risk everything to save his country.

A Tournament of Crowns

In “A Tournament of Crowns” by Elise Kova, Eira’s recent actions make people think she’s a murderer. She doesn’t have time to explain herself. The Tournament of Five Kingdoms begins, and she joins as one of the champions. She has to deal with tough games, competitors, and enemies who want to harm her. Join her as she faces challenges and fights for her place in the Tournament of Five Kingdoms.

The Culling Trials Book 2

In “The Culling Trials 2” by Shannon Mayer, the girl is in a special school for magic. To stay and learn there, she has to pass challenging tests, both physical and mental. However, things get worse when people start disappearing. She’s determined to find out what’s happening and protect her friends. It’s an exciting journey where she never gives up, always trying to help those in trouble.

The Burning Bridge 

In “The Burning Bridge” by John Flanagan, the Rangers are getting ready for a big fight against the bad enemy. They’re gathering people from all over the kingdom. Will and his friend Horace are chosen to go to Celtica on a special mission. But things don’t go as planned. When they get to Celtica, they find that all the Celticans have disappeared, and their town is empty. With no help nearby, it’s up to Will and Horace to stop the enemy’s evil plans.

Chain of Iron

In “Chain of Iron” by Cassandra Clare, Cordelia seems to keep everything she wants. She’s engaged to marry James. But things aren’t as they seem. Her marriage is a pretend to protect her and there’s a mysterious killer in London who targets Shadowhunters and vanishes them. Cordelia, James, and Lucie must find the killer in the dangerous streets of London while keeping shocking secrets.

The Icebound Land

In “The Icebound Land” by John Flanagan, Will and Evanlyn are captured after a tough battle. Halt, their friend, is determined to rescue Will. He begins on a dangerous journey with Will’s friend Horace by his side. They face challenges and dangers along the way. This exciting series continues with another thrilling adventure.

Rule of Wolves

In “Rule of Wolves” by Leigh Bardugo, the kingdom faces a massive threat as they prepare for a war. Nikolai, a young king known for his cleverness uses all his abilities to win this battle. Zoya has suffered a lot in the war. Now, she has to use her powers to become her country’s weapon. Nina takes great risks to fight against enemies. These three must figure out how to beat this enemy. Otherwise, their nation might collapse.

Dorothy Must Die

In “Dorothy Must Die” by Danielle Paige, Amy’s life takes a turn when she gets swept up by a tornado and lands in Oz. However, this place is like the one in the movies. Amy joins the Order of the Wicked, learns to fight, and gets a dangerous mission to stop the enemy and ensure the safety of its inhabitants. Join her in this thrilling adventure as she battles and restores peace to the magical land.

The Red Scrolls of Magic

In “The Red Scrolls of Magic” by Cassandra Clare, Magnus and Alec begin on a European vacation together. However, their plans are disrupted when an old friend informs them about a dangerous enemy known as the Crimson. Now, they must race against time to stop the Crimson’s deadly plans. Join them on this thrilling adventure filled with mystery and danger.


In “Eragon” by Christopher Paolini, a boy named Eragon discovers a mysterious blue stone in the forest. But when the stone brings a dragon, Eragon’s life is completely changed, and with only an old sword, and a faithful dragon, Eragon is thrust into a dangerous world filled with magic and dangers.

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