20 Outstanding Classic Books For 9th Graders (Age 14)

In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 Outstanding Classic Books For 9th Graders.

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A Family Apart 

“A Family Apart” by Joan Lowery Nixon tells the story of the children. Their mother decides to send them away from New York City, believing it’s for their best. However, the children’s struggles continue as they are separated and sent to different families. This story follows Frances and her siblings as they face challenges and uncertainties while searching for family bonds.


“Nightjohn” is a story that happens in the 1850s. Sarny is a young slave girl on a farm. Nightjohn, a man who escaped slavery, comes to the farm. He teaches Sarny and others how to read, even though it’s against the rules. This story shows how important learning is, especially during a tough time in history.

Animal Farm

“Animal Farm” by George Orwell tells the tale of Manor Farm, where the animals conquer their human owner and take control. Led by the pigs, especially Napoleon and Snowball, they create their own rules to live by. It’s a story that shows how revolutions can bring worse situations.

The Two Towers

In “The Two Towers” by J.R.R. Tolkien, Frodo and his companions are on a dangerous journey to destroy the Ruling Ring and stop it from reaching the Dark Lord. As they continue their journey, they face numerous challenges and must navigate the dangers coming their way.

Of Mice and Men

“Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck tells the story of two migrant workers, George and Lennie, who dream of having their own piece of land. Lennie is mentally challenged, while George is his caring guardian. As they navigate through obstacles and meet new characters, their dreams are going to come true.

Fahrenheit 451

“Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury shows a society where books are banned, and firemen burn them if any books are found. The story follows Guy Montag, a fireman who questions the suppression of knowledge and individualism. As he discovers the importance of books, Montag argues against the oppressive society he once served.

Great Expectations

“Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens tells the story of an orphan named Pip. His life takes a turn when he meets an escaped criminal who helps him. Later, Pip receives a significant amount of wealth, changing his life entirely. Pip’s newfound wealth comes with expectations and challenges that he must face.

The Monstrumologist

“The Monstrumologist” by Richard Yancey is about Will Henry, an orphan who assists a doctor that hunts monsters. They’re used to dealing with strange things, but everything changes when they find a girl’s body and the monster that attacked her. This leads them to find more monsters, and they realize these creatures could take over the world. Will and the doctor must act bravely to save everyone.

Mississippi Jack

“Mississippi Jack” by L. A. Meyer follows adventurous Jacky Faber as she travels west in America to escape British authorities. As she heads south, she faces dangerous challenges, including thieves and soldiers. This story showcases Jacky’s daring adventures and the risks she takes for freedom and love.

Rugged Trails

In “Rugged Trails” by L. J. Martin, a man named Jake faces a tough situation after bugs ruin his crops. He needs to support his family, so he becomes a guard for a group and travels to San Francisco. The journey is full of danger, like dealing with wild animals and bad weather. This story shows how he doesn’t give up, even when things are tough.


“Revolver” by Marcus Sedgwick is a story set in an isolated cabin, where teenager Sig is left alone with his dead father, who died after falling through the ice. With only a Colt revolver for protection, Sig must face the dangers. This suspenseful story explores themes of survival and bravery.

If I Ever Get Out of Here

“In If I Ever Get Out of Here” by Eric L. Gansworth, Lewis meets white George. Despite differences, they bond over music. As their friendship grows, Lewis hides his family’s money problems. With challenges ahead, Lewis must find the courage to defend himself and his friendship with George. This story is about friendship and facing hard times.

On The Come Up

In “On The Come Up” by Angie Thomas, Bri dreams of becoming a famous rapper. However, life isn’t easy for Bri. She faces financial struggles at home. When her first song goes viral for the wrong reasons, she becomes the center of discussion. Bri fights to succeed and prove herself. This novel explores the challenges of pursuing dreams.

Where the Lilies Bloom

“Where the Lilies Bloom” by Vera Cleaver is a story about Mary Call, who makes a promise to her dying father to keep her family together in their home in the Mountains. She’s determined to take care of her siblings without help from strangers. She believes they can rely on the land’s resources for survival, but when harsh winter arrives, Mary realizes that life in the mountains can be tough. This story shows how Mary faces challenges in the mountains.

A Day No Pigs Would Die

“A Day No Pigs Would Die” by Robert Newton Peck. The book follows the life of a young boy, Rob, who learns about the harsh realities of farm life. When Rob’s father asks him to help with a difficult decision, it’s a turning point that shapes his understanding of the world around him. This novel explores the bond between a boy and his family as they navigate the challenges of rural life.

Luck of the Titanic

In “Luck of the Titanic” by Stacey Lee, Valora Luck dreams of leaving England for a new life as a circus performer in New York. With a ticket for the Titanic and the determination to succeed, she goes there. However, she’s denied due to her Chinese heritage. Val’s strength leads her to become strong and fight against the odds to reach her goals.

All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky

In “All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky” by Joe R. Lansdale, Jack Catcher is faced with a tragic situation after losing his parents. When Jane and her brother Tony suggest stealing a neighbor’s car to escape to Texas, Jack agrees. However, their plans are complicated when they face a gangster.

Almost There

“In Almost There” by Farrah Rochon, Tiana believes that working hard can help her achieve her dreams. But then, a person gives her an offer she can’t say no to. This offer changes her life completely. Tiana finds herself in a different world where everything she wants comes true. But this perfect life starts to have strange things happening, and new problems show up. Tiana, along with her friends must face these challenges.


In “Shane” by Jack Schaefer, the Starrett family’s life takes a turn when a mysterious man named Shane arrives at their farm from the West. Young Bob Starrett is fascinated by Shane’s presence and the spirit he brings to their home. Despite this, Shane becomes a friend to the Starretts. When a powerful cowboy threatens their land, Shane gets involved in a dangerous rivalry to protect them. This novel explores themes of friendship and teamwork.

The Call of the Wild

“The Call of the Wild” by Jack London follows Buck, a dog, who is taken from his comfortable life in California and thrust into the harsh wildlife. Buck faces the harsh realities of the wild, adapting to the brutal conditions and learning to survive as a sled dog.


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