27 Awesome Classic Books For 2nd Graders (Age 7)

In 2nd grade, kids start exploring the world of books with lots of excitement. The books they read during these early years can shape their love of reading. Classic books are stories that have been loved by lots of people for a very long time, and they’re still awesome because of their style and lasting themes.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 27 Awesome Classic Books For 2nd Graders.

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The classic books mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the Classic Books For 2nd Graders.

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Overview Of The 27 Awesome Classic Books For 2nd Graders

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“Matilda” by Roald Dahl tells the story of a young girl with special abilities. As Matilda navigates the challenges of her home and school life, she discovers her powers, and she uses them to stand up against the injustices she faces. With its characters and powerful message about the importance of education and the courage to stand up for what’s right, it’s an inspiring story for readers.

Beezus and Ramona

“Beezus and Ramona” by Beverly Cleary introduces sisters, Beezus and Ramona. Beezus faces the challenges of having a young sister with a wild imagination. While Beezus tries to be the responsible older sister, Ramona’s misadventures put her patience to the test, especially when Ramona threatens to disrupt Beezus’s birthday party. The story explores the dynamics of sibling relationships and the importance of patience and empathy.

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“Betsy-Tacy” by Maud Hart Lovelace is a story of friendship. Betsy, a little girl dreams of a friend her age. Her wish comes true when a new family moves in across the street, bringing Tacy into her life. From their first meeting, they become friends, known as Betsy-Tacy. This book celebrates the joys of childhood friendship and the magic of growing up together.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

“The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis is a story of four siblings, who stumble into the magical land of Narnia through a wardrobe. In Narnia, they find a world trapped in eternal winter and ruled by the Witch’s icy power. Join them in this journey to a magical land filled with wonder and courage.

All-of-a-Kind Family

In “All-of-a-Kind Family” by Sydney Taylor, meet five sisters living with their parents in New York City. Follow their adventures as they share exciting experiences, cherish every moment together, and navigate through surprises. This classic tale captures the love, laughter, and strong bond of this family.

The Bad Seed

“The Bad Seed” by Jory John tells the story of a little seed who believes he’s bad. The Seed feels that he’s different from the other seeds, but he begins on a journey of self-discovery, realizing that he doesn’t have to be limited by his past. With a mix of humor and heart, this book introduces young readers to the idea that change is possible and we can grow and improve.

Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business

“Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business” by Barbara Park introduces readers to Junie B. Jones, a kindergartener known for her funny antics. Junie B. isn’t thrilled about her new baby brother. However, her mood changes when she discovers that her friends are eager to meet them. Junie B. plans to bring him to school for Pet Day. Join Junie B. as she navigates the world of siblings, friendships, and the excitement of school.

Caleb’s Story

In “Caleb’s Story” by Patricia MacLachlan, Caleb loves writing but his family is incomplete. While everything changes when Cassie, their little sister, finds a mysterious old man in the barn. Join Caleb as he shares a heartwarming story about love, forgiveness, and the bond of family.

Ramona the Brave

“Ramona the Brave” by Beverly Cleary follows Ramona as she begins her first-grade journey but challenges arise when she meets a teacher who doesn’t fully understand her. Ramona must gather her courage and navigate the challenges while learning important lessons about bravery and resilience.

The Good Egg

“The Good Egg” by Jory John introduces readers to the character of the good egg. The good egg is a responsible and well-behaved member of the dozen eggs in a carton. He’s always on his best behavior, trying to keep the peace and maintain order. The story teaches kids about the importance of self-care and finding a healthy balance in life.

Creepy Carrots!

“Creepy Carrots!” by Aaron Reynolds. The story follows Jasper Rabbit, who has a love for carrots. But his excessive carrot-picking habits lead to some consequences. Jasper begins to notice that the carrots are following him, and he can’t escape their creepy presence. This fun story combines a fun storyline with engaging illustrations and is sure to delight young readers with its blend of humor and suspense.

Little House on the Prairie

“Little House on the Prairie” by Laura Ingalls Wilder takes readers on a journey as they leave their homes and head to Kansas in a wagon. They find the perfect location to build a little house on the prairie and start a new life. This story of family bond and strength will delight young readers and adults alike.

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Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth

“Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth” by Barbara Park follows Junie B. Jone, who gets into trouble for talking too much at school. This book is about being honest, talking nicely, and the funny things that happen when you’re a kid.


In “Betsy Tacy & Tib” by Maud Hart Lovelace shows the friendship between Betsy, Tacy, and Tib as they navigate the ups and downs of childhood. These three best friends do lots of fun things together in their neighborhood and never fight. It reminds readers of the power of friendships and cherished memories.

A Light in the Attic

“A Light in the Attic” by Shel Silverstein. It’s like a key that opens the door to your imagination. The poems are like magical adventures that let you meet talking animals, think about big questions, and have fun. It’s all about using your imagination and having fun.

Arthur Lost in the Museum

In “Arthur Lost in the Museum” by Marc Brown, join Arthur on a class trip to the museum. When he takes a wrong turn and finds himself in trouble. Will he find a way out before it’s too late? Follow Arthur’s adventure filled with humor and excitement in this book.

Farmer Boy

“Farmer Boy” by Laura Ingalls Wilder tells the story of Almanzo, his family, and their farm life throughout the seasons. They work hard in the summer, chopping wood in the winter, and enjoy the town fair. Almanzo’s dream is to have his own horse, but he has to prove he’s ready for it. This book shows a boy’s life and his dreams.

Stuart Little

“Stuart Little” by E. B. White is a story of a special mouse. Stuart, unlike other mice, is part of a human family and lives in New York City. When his best friend, a little bird named Margalo, disappears, Stuart begins on a journey to find her. This adventure takes him away from home, leading to many exciting encounters.

The Eleventh Hour

In ‘The Eleventh Hour’ by Graeme Base, Horace the elephant has a big costume party for his eleventh birthday. But there’s a problem, someone ate the food! The book shows hints. You can be a detective and find out who did it. This book is like a game where kids can search for clues and solve the puzzle.

Pete the Cat Goes Camping

Join Pete in “Pete the Cat Goes Camping” by James Dean as he begins on a camping adventure filled with hiking, fishing, and more. In this story, Pete overcomes his small fears and discovers the joys of the outdoors.

Amelia Bedelia Means Business

“Amelia Bedelia Means Business” by Herman Parish, introduces a spirited character, Amelia Bedelia. She starts her first job, working at her uncle’s bookstore. As she takes on various tasks, her performance leads to funny situations.

Creepy Pair of Underwear! 

“Creepy Pair of Underwear!” by Aaron Reynolds. The story follows a young rabbit named Jasper, who’s on a journey to get a new pair of underwear. However, the underwear he chooses turns out to be not just any underwear but a pair of creepy, glow-in-the-dark underwear. At night, these underwear give off a mysterious green glow, keeping Jasper awake and scaring him. Jasper must find a way to deal with his creepy underwear and get a good night’s sleep. The book combines humor and suspense, making it an engaging read for children.

The Birchbark House 

“The Birchbark House” by Louise Erdrich is about a girl named Omakayas, also called Little Frog, and her family who live on an island. One winter, a visitor comes with a dangerous enemy that changes their lives. The book explores the strong bond and support between Omakayas’ family and her community on the island.


In “Brady” by Jean Fritz, young boy Brady stumbles upon a hidden Underground station near his family’s farm. This discovery puts him in a difficult position. Follow Brady’s journey of bravery and choices in this book.

Wagon Wheels

“Wagon Wheels” by Don Bolognese, is a true story about the Muldie family. They travel to Kansas to get their land. The journey is tough, and they face many challenges. The two older boys take care of their little brother. When their dad leaves, the boys must go on their adventure to find him. This book is about their bravery and love for each other.

Creepy Crayon!

In “Creepy Crayon!” by Aaron Reynolds, Jasper Rabbit is struggling in school, but his life takes a turn when he finds a purple crayon. This crayon seems eager to assist him. However, things take a strange twist as the crayon becomes intrusive, wanting to be involved in every aspect of Jasper’s life. Jasper must figure out how to rid himself of this creepy crayon. This story explores the consequences of shortcuts and the importance of hard work.

Ramona the Pest 

“Ramona the Pest” by Beverly Cleary tells the story of Ramona, who’s thrilled to start kindergarten and join her big sister, Beezus, at school. However, she gets into trouble when she pulls a classmate’s hair. Her sister Beezus advises her to stop being a pest, even though Ramona doesn’t want to cause problems. This book explores the challenges and joys of growing up, making it a relatable read for children.


We hope that our list of classic books for 2nd graders has given you some great options to choose from and you and your 7 year old will have fun while exploring these classical books together.

The classic books recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best Classic Books For 2nd Graders. While I may not have personally read all of these books, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which classic book your 7 year old enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite book that we missed. Please leave your comments and feedback below.

Best wishes and happy reading!

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