35 Amazing Chapter Books For 9 Year Olds (4th Graders)

Reading plays a crucial role in a child’s development. Chapter books for 9-year-olds (4th graders) provide an excellent opportunity to develop a lifelong love for reading.

Chapter books are ideal for 9-year-olds as they feature longer, more complex descriptions divided into chapters. These books are specifically designed to promote sustained reading and allow kids to engage with detailed storytelling.

In this post, we will explore 35 Amazing Chapter Books For 9 Year Olds (4th Graders).

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The chapter books mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best Chapter Books For 9 Year Olds.

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Overview Of The 35 Amazing Chapter Books For 9 Year Olds (4th Graders)

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Katt vs. Dogg

“Katt vs. Dogg” by James Patterson. Meet Oscar, a Dog, and Molly, a Cat. These two pets have been raised to believe that cats and dogs are natural enemies. However, fate takes a turn when they find themselves lost in the woods, and their rivalry is put to the test. As Oscar and Molly navigate the challenges of the jungle, they discover that survival depends on their ability to set aside their differences and work together. Despite their rivalry, the duo begins to realize that collaboration is the key to finding their way home.

The Girl Who Drank the Moon

“The Girl Who Drank the Moon” by Kelly Barnhill. The story follows the journey of a young girl named Luna. She was born on the night when people in her village offer a sacrifice to a witch who lives in the forest. Luna gets caught up in a lot of secrets and mysteries. However, she finds help from a smart monster and a small dragon. Together, they go on a journey to find Luna’s true self and stand up against the powerful forces in their world.

The One and Only Ivan

“The One and Only Ivan” by Katherine Applegate, follows Ivan, a gorilla who has spent most of his life in jail at the Big Top Mall. Ivan’s days are filled with boring routines and hope for freedom. However, his perspective on life begins to change when he meets Ruby, a young elephant who shares stories of the wild. As Ivan forms deep connections with these fellow captive animals, he begins a journey to find a better life for all of them.

Word Dragon

“Word Dragon” by Tevin Hansen.

Join Eli and Grace on a trip with their dad to find a lawnmower. Uncle Larry starts telling them magical stories, which turn out to be the start of an amazing adventure. As they explore the secrets of the junkyard, they come across surprises, dangers, and a thrilling game that challenges their bravery.

Jacky Ha-Ha

Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson, follows the life of Jacky Ha-Ha, a funny girl who has a unique ability to make people laugh. However, she hides a secret from others. Despite her struggles, Jacky uses humor as a shield, earning her the nickname “Jacky Ha-Ha.” Along the way, Jacky forms meaningful friendships and navigates complex family dynamics.

Trouble with Tattle-Tails

“Trouble with Tattle-Tails” by Jonathan Auxier. Auggie and his magical friends face a new challenge at the Fabled Stables. When a strange creature named the Tattle-Tail arrives, it causes chaos and sets them on an adventure. They enter a portal and discover Rainbow’s End, a town filled with tails. Instead of being in danger themselves, they realize that the town needs their help! Auggie and his friends must make a plan to stop the Tattle-Tails and restore order to Rainbow’s End.

Doggo and Pupper

“Doggo and Pupper” by Katherine A. Applegate. The book follows the playful Doggo and his curious companion, Pupper. Together, they navigate the world around them, facing everyday challenges and discovering the joys of friendship. With its simple yet engaging narrative, “Doggo and Pupper” captures the spirit of the bond between humans and their furry friends.

Sophie and The Magical Kingdom

“Sophie and The Magical Kingdom” by Jeyhun Huseynov. Follows the adventures of Sophie, a girl who has a curious spirit. Together with her friends Benjamin and Emma, Sophie begins a magical journey to a kingdom. In this kingdom, they meet furry animals, a Fairy Queen, and even a dragon. Sophie, accompanied by her friends, faces various obstacles and challenges that put their bravery and determination to the test.

Pugs from Planet X

“Pugs from Planet X” by John Gallagher. Max Meow faces an unexpected challenge as pugs from Planet X invade his hometown. These pugs have powers, causing chaos and turning the citizens into their followers. Max, accompanied by his trusty sidekick, Mindy, must gather all his powers to save his hometown.

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Cat Ninja: Time Heist

“Cat Ninja: Time Heist” by Matthew Cody. Cat Ninja and Master Hamster find themselves faced with an unexpected challenge. They are given a mysterious egg to take care of and quickly realize that their superhero abilities will be tested. When the egg hatches into a cute and energetic creature, they must learn how to parent while also discovering the true identity and evil plans of a new enemy in Metro City.

Junie B., First Grader

“Junie B., First Grader” by Barbara Park. Junie B. finds herself eager to participate in the school talent show. Determined to shine, she decides to become a one-man band. With her personality and lively imagination, Junie B. sets out on a hilarious journey to gather the necessary instruments and show her unique performance.

Junie B.’s determination to pursue her passion despite the challenges she faces encourages kids to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.


“Wish” by Barbara O’Connor, follows the life of Charlie Reese, who is struggling with family issues. Charlie is a young girl who carries the weight of her family’s problems on her shoulders. As Charlie navigates the challenges in her life, she learns to let go of problems and discovers the true meaning of family and belonging.

The Princess in Black and the Mermaid Princess

“The Princess in Black and the Mermaid Princess” by Shannon Hale. Princess and her friends go on an adventure on a royal boat. But their fun day takes a turn when a real mermaid princess appears from the waves. The princess needs their help to protect her sea goats from a hungry kraken. Can the black princess help the mermaid princess and save her goats?

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I Funny

“I Funny” by James Patterson, follows the life of Jamie, a funny middle school student with dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian.

The story revolves around Jamie’s passion for comedy, despite the challenges he faces in his everyday life. Jamie has a unique perspective on the world, using humor as a tool to navigate his experiences as a wheelchair-bound student. With the support of his loving family and his determined spirit, Jamie sets out to conquer the world of comedy.

Aisha the Sapphire Treasure Dragon

“Aisha the Sapphire Treasure Dragon” by Maddy Mara. The Dragon Girls are faced with a daunting task, rescuing the stolen Magic Mirror from the clutches of the wicked Shadow Sprites. Aisha, with her unique ability, leads her friends on a mission to rescue the Magic Mirror. Their journey leads them through various obstacles and tests their bravery.

The Bad Guys in The Big Bad Wolf

“The Bad Guys” by Aaron Blabey introduces readers to a challenge faced by The Bad Guys. When Mr. Wolf transforms into a monster, the Bad Guys find themselves in a situation that could lead to the world’s destruction. With their friend Toe, the team must find a way to revert Mr. Wolf back to his normal self and stop an upcoming alien attack.

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Future of the Time Dragon

“Future of the Time Dragon” by Tracey West, follows Drake and Rori as they begin a mission to rescue their friend Eko, who has been trapped by the dark wizard. To free Eko, Drake and Rori must find the Time Dragon. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn when a devil interferes and sends Drake back in time. Now, Drake must battle against the odds to save Eko and save himself from being trapped in this era forever.

Amelia Bedelia Cleans Up

In “Amelia Bedelia Cleans Up,” by Herman Parish, Amelia Bedelia and her friends embark on an exciting mission to find the perfect clubhouse for their explorers’ club. When they stumble upon an empty lot, they believe they’ve found the ideal spot. However, there is a lot of mess that needs to be cleaned up. Amelia Bedelia and her friends roll up their sleeves and dive into the task of cleaning up the lot.

Pug’s Got Talent

“Pug’s Got Talent” by Kyla May, follows Bub, the lovable pug, and his human friend, Bella. Bella is organizing a pet talent show, and Bub is excited to showcase his impressive skills to the audience. However, things take a turn during the dress trial, leaving Bub and his rival with the task of making things right. In a surprising twist, Bub and Duchess must put their differences aside and collaborate to ensure the success of the show.

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Miles Morales: Shock Waves

“Miles Morales: Shock Waves” by Justin A. Reynolds, follows Miles Morales as a young superhero and delves into his struggles and responsibilities. Miles is not only dealing with the typical challenges of being a teenager but also navigating his life as Spider-Man. When an earthquake hits Brooklyn, causing destruction and risking the lives of its citizens, Miles must step up to protect his community. As he investigates, he discovers a shocking secret that will test his strength and determination.

Then Everything Went Wrong

“Then Everything Went Wrong” by Judd Winick. Hilo and his friends begin a dangerous journey back to his home planet to find the truth about his past. But things take a turn as Hilo’s world is flipped upside down, and he realizes that the safety of his loved ones is in danger. Instead of being the hero, Hilo finds himself in a difficult situation.

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Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea

In “Dog Man” by Dav Pilkey, Piggy is back with a wicked plan that causes a serious threat. As new villains appear and the city faces danger, The Buddies must band together once again to face these new villains and protect their beloved community. As Dog Man and his friends navigate through challenges and face new enemies, the story highlights the importance of teamwork and bravery.

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The Princess and the Unicorn

“The Princess and the Unicorn” by A.M. Luzzader, follows Princess Olivia and Princess Juniper, two brave sisters. Juniper finds herself feeling jealous when her older sister Olivia is considered old enough to ride the majestic unicorns. Determined to prove herself, Juniper attempts various tricks to grow up quickly.

Friendship or Fame

“Friendship or Fame” by Paul Breau tells the story of Mia, a talented but shy girl with a wonderful singing voice. With the support of her best friend Siarra, Mia finds the courage to join the Senior Choir. As she starts sharing her talent with others, she catches the attention of fellow students, including some who are competing against her. Amidst challenges and difficult situations, Mia begins a journey to discover herself and find her true voice.

Through Rosalie Colored Glasses

“Through Rosalie Colored Glasses” by Carrie J, follows Rosalie, a kind and brave young girl who discovers the power of staying true to herself. As Rosalie embraces her unique qualities, she realizes that true friendships are formed when she remains authentic and follows her heart. The story captures how Rosalie’s bravery and kindness inspire her community.

Kate: A Magic School for Girls

“Kate: A Magic School for Girls” by A.M. Luzzader takes kids on an adventure alongside Kate, Bailey, and Julie, three friends who are thrilled to attend Miss Annie’s Magic School. However, Kate faces a unique challenge, being an eater makes it difficult for her to create and consume magical potions. Join Kate as she gathers her bravery to try new things and overcome her fears.

The Talisman of Lostland

“The Talisman of Lostland” by A.M. Luzzader. Mermaid Brynn Finley begins on a journey to unlock her magical abilities and become a sea guardian. As the only mermaid in her school who hasn’t yet mastered magic, Brynn faces the challenge of discovering the secret to magic. As Brynn delves deeper into her journey, she finds herself facing dangers and challenges.


“I…am…Cheetah!” by Stephanie J. Teer, takes kids on an exciting adventure with a group of friends. They discover a secret portal that gives them special powers. Through the portal, they meet three cheetahs. Together, they learn about animals and go on amazing adventures.

Wayside School Is Falling Down

“Wayside School Is Falling Down” by Louis Sachar.

This book is all about the crazy adventures of the students and teachers at Wayside School. The story takes place in a school where the floors are falling down. The stories are short and connected, so it’s easy to follow along. With its silly situations and humorous characters, this book will keep you entertained.

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Invisible Stanley

“Invisible Stanley” by Jeff Brown. Stanley wakes up one morning to find himself invisible. From that moment on, his life takes a turn. Stanley discovers the ups and downs of being invisible and facing funny situations along the way. Whether he’s using his newfound power to help others, Stanley’s invisible adventures are sure to captivate kids.

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Discovery in the Cave

“Discovery in the Cave” by Mark Dubowski, this book takes kids on an exciting journey into the depths of a cave, unraveling the mysteries that lie within. Readers follow a group of 4 young adventurers as they begin into a cave and discover its hidden wonders.

How to Be Cool in the Third Grade

“How to Be Cool in the Third Grade” by Betsy Duffey. This book follows the journey of Robbie, a third-grader who is determined to be cool and popular.

Robbie is excited to start third grade and believes that being cool is the key to making friends. With the help of his older brother, he learns about the latest trends and tries various strategies to be cool. Through Robbie’s funny adventures and challenges, kids will laugh and learn important lessons about friendship and self-acceptance.

Race to the Ark

“Race to the Ark” by M.J. Thomas. Siblings Peter and Mary find themselves transported back in time to the days of Noah’s Ark. They must begin a race against time to help Noah and his family gather the animals and prepare for the upcoming flood. Along the way, they face challenges and mysteries that test their courage and problem-solving skills.

The Deadly Dungeon

“The Deadly Dungeon” by Ron Roy. As part of the popular “A to Z Mysteries” series, this book takes kids on a journey as Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose begin on a sleepover adventure in a castle called Moose Manor.

As the young detectives settle into their sleepover, they soon become aware of strange sounds coming from behind the castle walls. Curiosity piqued, Eager to solve the mystery, Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose fearlessly set out to discover the truth.

Horrible Harry and the Locked Closet

“Horrible Harry and the Locked Closet” by Suzy Kline. Harry and his classmates are faced with a puzzling mystery when their teacher, discovers a locked closet in their classroom. Captivated by the mystery, Harry and his friends, begin on a mission to discover the secrets hidden behind the locked door.


We hope that our list of chapter books has given you some great options to choose from and that you and your 4th grader will have fun exploring these chapter books together.

The chapter books recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best Chapter Books For 9 Year Olds. While I may not have personally read all of these chapter books, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which book your 4th grader enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite chapter book that we missed. Please leave your comments and feedback below.

Best wishes and happy reading to you and your family!


How can parents encourage 4th graders to read chapter books?

Parents can foster a love for reading by providing a variety of chapter books that align with their child’s interests. Creating dedicated reading time, discussing the stories, and visiting libraries or bookstores together can further encourage reading habits and make it an enjoyable experience for children.

Why are chapter books suitable for 9-year-olds?

Chapter books cater to the developmental needs of 9-year-olds by offering engaging stories, more advanced vocabulary, and longer narratives that help develop their reading skills, comprehension, and imagination.

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