35 Amazing Chapter Books For 6th Graders (Age 11)

Reading is an important part of any student’s academic journey. But as they move up the grades, students often find themselves struggling with longer and more complex books. Chapter books can help 6th graders transition from shorter works to reading longer texts with more depth and complexity. They provide stories that are engaging and memorable, helping 6th graders to gain a greater appreciation for books and develop deeper reading skills.

In this post, we will explore 35 Amazing Chapter Books For 6th Graders.

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The chapter books mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best Chapter Books For 6th Graders.

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Overview Of The 35 Amazing Chapter Books For 6th Graders

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The Titan’s Curse

“The Titan’s Curse” by Rick Riordan. Percy and his friends begin on a journey to rescue Artemis who goes missing, Percy and his friends must navigate challenges and face enemies to find her. Along the way, they encounter creatures and solve mysteries.

The Doublecross

“The Doublecross” by Jackson Pearce. Follows Hale, a young boy who discovers that his family has a secret. When Hale’s parents mysteriously disappear, he is thrust into the world of spying and becomes a superspy himself. With the help of his friends, Hale must find clues and master new skills to save his family and uncover the truth. As Hale navigates the world of spies, he learns important lessons about trust and the power of friendship.

Burning Maze

“The Burning Maze” by Rick Riordan. It follows Lester Papa, also known as Apollo, a teenage mortal on a mission to restore five Oracles. As they journey through dangerous paths, Apollo and his friends must face their fears, make difficult choices, and overcome challenges.

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Be Real, Macy Weaver

In “Be Real,” by Macy Weaver, Macy faces relationship challenges after losing another friend. Wanting a fresh start, she takes the opportunity when her mom goes to college in another state. But her new home isn’t what she expected, and loneliness drives her to find a new best friend. She meets Brynn, who seems perfect, except for one problem, Brynn already has a best friend and things go wrong, and Macy must face the consequences. It’s a story about friendship and self-discovery.


In “Savage” by Nicole Conway, Tibran Empire threatens to destroy everything. The powerful dragon riders can’t stop them, and even the hero Jaevid remains asleep. In this trouble, a boy named Reigh, with hidden dark power, realizes time is running out. Maldobar needs a new hero, and destiny calls for one brave boy to rise and save the world from destruction.

Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise

In “Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise” by Dan Gemeinhart, Coyote and her dad, who has been living in a school bus for five years. They started their life after Coyote’s mom and two sisters died in a terrible car crash. Coyote hasn’t gone back home since then, but when she finds out that the park where they planted a special memory box is going to be destroyed, she comes up with a daring plan. She wants to secretly convince her dad to drive back to Washington. During their road trip, Coyote and her dad meet interesting people who join them on their journey.

The Throne of Fire

“The Throne of Fire” by Rick Riordan continues the adventures of siblings Carter and Sadie, who have extraordinary powers as children.

Carter and Sadie are now determined to stop the destruction that could be released by the revival of the Egyptian Apophis. Armed with their knowledge of magic, the siblings set out on a journey to find the Book of Ra, which holds the key to stopping Apophis and saving the world from destruction.

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Wing & Claw

“Forest of Wonders” by Linda Sue Park. It follows Raffa, a young boy with a special talent for healing using magical plants. In a world of danger and secrets, Raffa begins on a mission to protect his family and friends. During his adventure, he faces challenges and uncovers hidden truths in the forest.

I AM WOLF: The Lost Bead

In “I AM WOLF: The Lost Bead” by Stephanie J. Teer, kids join the Wild Animal Kids to learn about the incredible wolves and the power of sticking together. When a special bead that holds the secret to a magical portal goes missing, their friendship is put to the test. Will the Wild Animal Kids be able to find the bead that holds the key to a magical portal?

The Adventurers Guild

“The Adventurers Guild” by Zack Loran Clark, is set in a world filled with monsters, where two best friends, Zed and Brock, dream of a brighter future. However, fate takes a turn, and they find themselves becoming members of the Adventurers Guild. This clan stands as the last defense against the Dangerous creatures. Together they must prove their worth and face the coming dangers.

The Hidden Kingdom

“The Hidden Kingdom” by Tui T. Sutherland takes kids on an exciting adventure deep in the rainforest. Glory, a young dragon, is determined to prove herself despite being underestimated by others. When she and her dragon friends seek cover in a peaceful RainWing kingdom, they find a troubling mystery, RainWings are disappearing. Now, Glory and her friends must find the missing dragons and face the challenges. Join Glory on this thrilling journey filled with bravery, friendship, and discovery.

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The Graveyard Book

“The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman. Owens is a young boy who seeks refuge among the friendly spirits and creatures living there. Raised by ghosts and protected by a mysterious guardian named Silas, Owens begins on exciting journeys and discovers supernatural beings. This heartwarming tale explores the importance of family and friendship. Join Owens as he discovers his purpose in the world and reveals the secrets of his past.

The Mysterious Benedict Society

“The Mysterious Benedict Society” by Trenton Lee Stewart is a story about four clever children who respond to a strange newspaper ad. They pass tests and are chosen for a secret mission. They must go undercover at a special school and face hidden dangers. This book explores excitement, mystery, creativity, and teamwork that will keep 6th graders captivated until the very end.

The Homework Machine

“The Homework Machine” by Dan Gutman introduces the D Squad, a group of fifth graders with different personalities. Together, they share a secret, the homework machine named Belch. With Belch doing their homework, they spend more time together, but their secret starts drawing attention.

As the story grows, things twist out of control, and the power of Belch becomes overwhelming. The kids find themselves in a race against their creation. Join the D Squad on this adventure filled with suspense, friendship, and the consequences of invention.

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

In “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” by Tom Angleberger, Dwight, a sixth-grade student, creates an origami Yoda tool with unique abilities. Origami Yoda can predict the future and give wise advice to solve problems. As the students seek his guidance, Tommy investigates the mystery behind Origami Yoda’s wisdom. Join them on this captivating adventure that combines humor and friendship.

I Funny

“I Funny” by James Patterson tells the story of Jamie, a middle school student with a dream of becoming the world’s greatest comedian. Despite facing challenges in his life, Jamie remains resilient. When his Uncle Frankie informs him about a comedy contest, Jamie sees it as an opportunity to prove himself.

My Life Is a Joke

In “Jacky Ha-Ha: My Life Is a Joke” by James Patterson, meet Jacky, a lively girl who loves acting and singing. She dreams of having a fun-filled summer, but her parents have other plans. Reluctantly, she takes a job in a lively town and must also take care of her younger sisters. Despite her responsibilities, Jacky wants to be part of a summer play. Can she manage everything and still enjoy time with her friends? Join Jacky in this funny and heartwarming adventure.

The Smartest Kid in the Universe

“The Smartest Kid in the Universe” by Chris Grabenstein tells the story of Jake, a student who becomes incredibly smart after eating special pills. Now he must use his intelligence to save his school from closing down while facing challenges from the government and big corporations. Get ready for a fast-paced journey with Jake and his extraordinary abilities!

The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade

“The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade” by Max Brallier follows a group of kids who are the last survivors in a world overspread by zombies. Jack and his friends battle with zombies, monstrous creatures, and other post-apocalyptic challenges as they search for safety and a way to save humanity. Packed with humor, suspense, and thrilling encounters, Join the last kids on Earth as they face the zombie parade and fight for survival.

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House of Robots

In “House of Robots” by James Patterson, Sammy faces a new problem. His super-smart mom wants him to take a special robot, E, to school. Sammy is used to having robots at home, but E is different. E thinks he’s Sammy’s brother and is even better than him. Sammy worries that E will make him unpopular. Join Sammy on a wild adventure as he discovers the amazing secret that E holds, which could change their family forever.

Liar, Liar

In “Liar, Liar” by Gary Paulsen, meet Kevin, a boy who has a talent for lying. He doesn’t mean to cause problems, but his lies start to pile up and get him into humorous and serious trouble with everyone around him. Now, Kevin must figure out how to stop his lying once and for all. Join Kevin on this entertaining and heartfelt journey as he learns the importance of honesty and faces the consequences of his untruths.

Spy Camp

In “Spy Camp” by Stuart Gibbs, Ben is a middle schooler who has been training to become a spy. Looking forward to a relaxing summer, Ben’s plans take a turn when he is sent to a camp for spy survival training. Little does he know, the enemy spy organization SPYDER has entered the camp. Now, Ben must find the traitor before it’s too late. Join Ben on this thrilling adventure filled with danger and suspense as he fights to protect himself and stop the enemy.

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Trapped in a Video Game

In “Trapped in a Video Game” by Dustin Brady, meet Jesse, a boy who hates video games. However, his dislike takes a dangerous turn when a video game character sets out to kill him. Alongside his friend Eric, Jesse enters the new game and becomes fascinated with its thrilling adventures. But their excitement turns to fear when they realize they’re unable to escape the game. Jesse and Eric must quickly find the truth or risk being trapped forever. Prepare for a suspenseful and action-packed journey as they race against time to solve the game’s secrets.

I Survived The Sinking of the Titanic

In “I Survived The Sinking of the Titanic” by Lauren Tarshis, George and his sister Phoebe begin on a journey aboard the Titanic. Excited to explore every corner of the magnificent ship, George’s curiosity leads him to trouble. However, a devastating event occurs, and the Titanic begins to fall. George, known for his talent for escaping trouble, faces his greatest challenge yet.

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Amari and the Great Game

Amari and the Great Game by B. B. Alston.

Amari Peters is training to become a Junior Agent. She faces tough challenges along the way. When she’s given the opportunity to lead the League of Magicians, she hesitates and doesn’t realize the consequences. This leads to a dangerous magician with bad plans, and so, the Great Game begins, a deadly competition that will decide the next Night Brothers’ leader and the fate of all magicians.

Edge of Extinction

In the book “Edge of Extinction” by Laura Martin, the world is no longer safe for humans because dinosaurs have taken over. Sky Mundy’s father disappeared five years ago, and she still doesn’t know what happened to him. But when she finds a clue that suggests there’s more to his disappearance, Sky realizes she needs to go to the surface. Together with her best friend Shawn, they escape from their underground home and enter a world where nature has reclaimed everything, and dinosaurs are in charge. Join Sky and Shawn as they face incredible dangers.

The Candy Smash

“The Candy Smash” by Jacqueline Davies follows the lives of Evan and Jessie. When unknown candy hearts show up in their class, Jessie takes on the role to uncover it. This humorous and honest story captures the essence of family and school life for middle schoolers.

Maya and the Rising Dark

In “Maya and the Rising Dark” by Rena Barron, Maya discovers that she is the only one in Chicago who can see strange happenings. While her friends search for logical explanations, Maya must use her powers to find the truth and stop him before summer ends. Join Maya on this exciting journey as she embraces her abilities and fights to save her world.

Tiger Honor

In “Tiger Honor” by Yoon Ha Lee, Sebin, a young tiger from the Juhwang Clan, dreams of joining the Thousand World Space Forces like their Uncle Hwan. But when Sebin receives an acceptance letter, it comes with shocking news, Hwan is charged with being a traitor and robbing the Dragon Pearl. Determined to clear Hwan’s name and reform honor to the clan, Sebin begins on a mission.

Aru Shah and the End of Time

In “Aru Shah and the End of Time” by Roshani Chokshi, When Aru Shah’s challenged to prove a cursed artifact is real, Aru accidentally releases an ancient demon.

To defeat the demon, Aru must find the legendary Pandava brothers and travel through the Kingdom of Death. Can Aru, with the help of newfound friends, overcome the challenges and save her loved ones? Join Aru on this extraordinary adventure inspired by mythology and discover the power of bravery and friendship.

Lords of Night

In “Lords of Night” by J.C. Cervantes, Renata is a powerful girl, With her ability to control shadows and time, gifted by her Maya mother, Ren has already been saved from being trapped in the past. But now, her friend has lost his powers and Ren finds herself facing ordinary challenges too.

With her friends unavailable, Ren teams up with two strangers, and together, they begin on a mission to stop the Cinco and save the world.

Curse of the Forgotten City

In “Curse of the Forgotten City” by Alex Aster, Tor is using his newfound powers as the Night Witch, alongside his loyal friends. Their lives take a turn when they meet a girl named Vesper, who warns them of a gang of pirates headed toward Emblem Island.

Vesper reveals that her underwater city was destroyed by the pirates, and now Tor’s village is their next target. To stop them, Tor and his friends team up with Vesper on a mission to find the legendary Pirate’s Pearl.

Map of Flames

In “Map of Flames” by Lisa McMann, a group of magical people escaped to a hidden place. Now, with most of them gone, their five children are left alone, each with special powers.

When Birdie finds a map that belonged to their father, telling them to find their mother in Estero, the children must decide what to do. They have always lived in isolation, but following the map means entering a world they’ve only heard about. Join the children as they begin an exciting adventure, facing challenges and discovering secrets about their past.

The Dragon Warrior

In “The Dragon Warrior” by Katie Zhao, Faryn dreams of becoming a warrior and bringing honor to her family. However, she and her brother Alex are ignored by Society since their father’s disappearance. Despite this, Faryn’s life takes an unexpected turn when she meets and defeats a demon during a trip to San Francisco.It turns out that Faryn may be the legendary powerful warrior destined to serve the Emperor. To fulfill her destiny, Faryn must prove herself.


In “Jinxed” by Amy McCulloch, Lacey Chu, a talented coder, dreams of working for MONCHA, the leading tech company. When her dreams are broken by rejection from the academy, Lacey discovers a Baku named Jinx. After repairing him, Jinx grants her admission to her dream school. As Lacey navigates to school, she discovers a dangerous secret surrounding Jinx. Dive into this story of friendship and a girl’s determination to follow her dreams.

Some Additional Books To Check Out

The Lemonade War

“The Lemonade War” by Jacqueline Davies is a story about Evan and Jessie, siblings with different strengths. Evan is great at talking with people, while Jessie excels in math. They engage in a competition to sell the most lemonade before school begins. As their friendly rivalry begins, readers will be drawn into the excitement and left wondering who will win.

Be sure to check out The Lemonade War Series.

The Serpent’s Secret

“The Serpent’s Secret” by Sayantani DasGupta introduces Kiranmala, an ordinary sixth-grader living in New Jersey. However, everything changes on her 12th birthday when her parents disappear and a dangerous demon threatens her life. Kiran is then whisked away to a magical world full of secrets.

A Videogame Stole My Sister

“A Videogame Stole My Sister” by Justin M. Stone follows Lucas, a kid who loves gaming and seeks high scores in his VR game. When he briefly steps away from the game, he discovers that it has somehow taken his sister. To rescue her, he must enter the game’s world, face challenges, and navigate through races and battles.

The High Cheese

“The High Cheese” by Lane Walker is about Billy, a young player on a baseball team. He wants to play with good players, but the local team isn’t very good. Another team wants him to join because he’s talented. He has to choose between playing with skilled players or with his friends. He needs to decide what’s best for his future in sports.

Beezus and Ramona

“Beezus and Ramona” by Beverly Cleary tells the story of Beezus, who has a sister named Ramona. Beezus finds it challenging to be the responsible older sibling when Ramona’s wild stunts disrupt their household. The book explores Beezus’s journey in navigating her relationship with her younger sister. This book captures the essence of sibling relationships and the challenges of growing up.

Be sure to check out The Complete 8-Book Ramona Collection.


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The chapter books recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best Chapter Books For 6th Graders. While I may not have personally read all of these chapter books, they have been highly recommended and praised by other readers.

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