20 Best Read Aloud Chapter Books For 5 Year Olds

At the age of 5, children start moving away from picture books and begin exploring more text-heavy books. This is where chapter books come into play, offering a higher level of engagement.

In this post, we’ll explore 20 Best Read Aloud Chapter Books For 5 Year Olds.

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The chapter books mentioned in this post are based on comprehensive research and reviews and are considered some of the best Chapter Books For 5 Year Olds.

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Overview Of The 20 Best Read Aloud Chapter Books For 5 Year Olds

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Pirates Past Noon

“Pirates Past Noon” by Mary Pope Osborne. Follows the adventures of Jack and Annie, two siblings who discover a mysterious tree house that transports them to different time periods. In this story, they go back to the time when pirates ruled the seas. They end up on a pirate ship, and their mission is to find a valuable treasure.

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The Not-So-Itty-Bitty Spiders

“The Not-So Itty-Bitty Spiders” by Amy Marie Stadelmann. The story follows the adventures of twin sisters Olive and Beatrix. Olive is fascinated by science, while Beatrix is a witch. They often compete with each other, and when Beatrix destroys Olive’s science project, Olive and her friend Eddie decide to play a prank on her. They set up a bucket of spiders above Beatrix’s bedroom door to scare her. But something unexpected happens when the spiders accidentally get into Beatrix’s magic potions. Suddenly, huge spiders are released, causing trouble. To fix the situation, Olive and Beatrix need to work together and put aside their differences. As they go on this adventure, the sisters learn the importance of working as a team and forgiving each other.

Bark Park

“Bark Park” by Brandi Dougherty.

Kids are introduced to a special place where dogs rule. This park is filled with petsof all shapes and sizes, each with its own unique personality. Scout, is a small but determined dog with a talent for sniffing out mysteries. Together with her loyal friends, Scout discovers a series of incidents at their beloved dog park.

Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business

“Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business” Barbara Park. Follows the adventures of the spunky Junie B. Jones as she navigates the ups and downs of family life.

Junie B. Jones is a fun and energetic kindergartner. When Junie B. knows that her parents are going to adopt a baby brother, she worries that they won’t have enough love for her anymore. To deal with her concerns, Junie B. comes up with an imaginative plan: she decides to adopt a pet monkey. As Junie B. sets off on her adventure to find a monkey. Throughout her journey, Junie B. learns important lessons about family love.

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Yasmin the Explorer

“Yasmin the Explorer” by Saadia Faruqi. Follows the adventures of Yasmin, a young and curious girl with a desire for exploration. Yasmin dreams of exploring new places and discovering hidden treasures. With her explorer’s map in hand, Yasmin begins on a journey to explore her own area. Along the way, she faces obstacles and challenges that test her courage and determination.

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Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride

“Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride” by Kate DiCamillo. Follows the lovable Mercy Watson, a pig. When Mercy’s owners, Mr. and Mrs. Watson, decide to take her for a drive in their car, they never expect the adventures that lie ahead. As the Watsons explore through the town, Mercy’s excitement leads to a series of hilarious and surprising events.

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Unicorns and Germs

“Unicorns and Germs” by Asia Citro. Follow the intelligent and curious Zoey, along with her cat Sassafras, on another adventure. When Zoey receives a call for help from a sick unicorn, she quickly jumps into action. With her scientific knowledge and magical abilities, Zoey sets out to find the cause of the unicorn’s illness and find a cure.

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Camping Catastrophe

“Camping Catastrophe! by Abby Klein. Follow Freddy and his classmate on an exciting outdoor adventure. However, there’s a twist, Max, can’t believe that Freddy and Robbie are going camping. To make matters worse, Freddy’s sister, Suzie, challenges him to spend the whole night in the wild, and Freddy accepts the challenge.

As Freddy and Robbie begin their camping adventure, they face hilarious situations and obstacles. With their friendship and determination, they aim to prove their bravery and conquer the camping trip.

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The Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde

“The Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde” by Shannon Hale. Princess Magnolia is on their way to meet Princess Sneezewort. However, their plans take a turn when she hears the presence of monsters. Quickly, they change into the Princess in Black and face the monsters.

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Home Is Where the Heart Is

“Home Is Where the Heart Is” by Cam Higgins introduces the sweet puppy, Bo Davis. When springtime arrives, Bo realizes that his precious dog tag is missing. Determined to find it, Bo teams up with his friends to help him in his search. They explore various places on the farm. Together, they begin a journey filled with excitement and new discoveries.

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The Rainstorm Brainstorm

“The Rainstorm Brainstorm” by Valerie Tripp tells the story of a group of kids who want to find the best gift for their aunt’s birthday. However, they have different ideas and can’t agree on what to give her. While working together, they learn the value of teamwork and using their imaginations. They take ordinary objects that may seem boring and turn them into something special. Through their creativity and cooperation, they create a special gift that will make their aunt feel loved and enjoyed.

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Ice Dragon

“Ice Dragon” by Jordan Quinn. Join Ruskin and his friends as they begin on an adventure to meet an ancient ice dragon.

Ruskin and his friends are super excited for the Winter Festival in Flatfrost. This year, something really special happened, the famous ice dragon came to the festival! The ice dragon is old and has an important clue that can help Ruskin figure out who’s trying to harm him.With bravery and determination, Ruskin and his friends work together to solve the mystery and keep the ice dragon safe.

A New Friend

“A New Friend” by Poppy Green. Join Sophie Mouse on her journey as she discovers the joys and challenges of making a new friend. As springtime arrives in the Forest, Sophie returns to school after a long vacation. Excitement fills the air as a new student, Owen, joins their class. However, the arrival of Owen, a snake, sparks fear among classmates. Determined to show her friends that Owen is not as scary as they think, Sophie takes it upon herself to friendship with Owen.

This book shows the power of acceptance, understanding, and friendship.

Emma and the Mermaid Club

“Emma and the Mermaid Club” by A.M. Luzzader. Join Emma and her friends as they begin on exciting adventures and work together to protect the beautiful ocean.

Emma is on her first day at the Mermaid Club, where she’s filled with excitement and anticipation. Emma is shy and feels nervous. When something goes wrong during the club’s first activity, Emma must find the courage to help and make a difference.

Bo’s Magical New Friend

In “Bo’s Magical New Friend” by Rebecca Elliott. Follows Bo Tinseltail, a Unicorn who attends School with other unicorns. Each unicorn has a unique magical power, and Bo’s special ability is to grant wishes. While Bo has many friends, there is one thing that Bo dreams of—a best friend to share adventures with.

When a new unicorn named Sunny enters the forest, Bo’s hopes are ignited. As Bo and Sunny begin on adventures together, they discover the true meaning of friendship and loyalty.

Let’s Play, Crabby!

“Let’s Play, Crabby!” by Jonathan Fenske. Follows a crab named Crabby. Despite his crabby nature, Crabby’s curiosity and sense of adventure lead him to discover the joy of play. As Crabby begins on various playful activities, Children will join in the excitement and immerse themselves in the world of imagination and discovery.

Mia Mayhem Is a Superhero!

“Mia Mayhem Is a Superhero!” by Kara West, meets Mia, an ordinary girl with a special secret.

Mia discovers that she has superpowers and is destined to become a superhero. With her newfound abilities, Mia begins on a mission to use her powers for good and make the world a better place, while keeping his identity secret. Mia’s superhero journey is filled with action, humor, and valuable life lessons.

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The Puzzling Paintings

“The Puzzling Paintings” by Courtney Carbone is an exciting book that takes kids on an underwater mystery.

Violet and her friend Wally become detectives. They notice strange drawings appearing on buildings in their town and decide to solve the mystery. Together, they follow the clues and discover secrets. They use their detective skills to find out who is responsible for the drawings. Along the way, they also learn the importance of helping others.

Who Needs a Checkup?

“Who Needs a Checkup?” by Norm Feuti. Harry is about to visit the doctor for a checkup, and he’s feeling anxious and doubtful. Fortunately, Harry’s friend Hedgehog steps in with a brilliant idea to help Harry prepare for his checkup and reduce his anxieties.

Join Harry and Hedgehog as they navigate the doctor visits, overcoming fears, and learning valuable lessons along the way.

Eva in the Band

In “Eva in the Band” by Rebecca Elliott, the lovable owl Eva is thrilled about the upcoming Music Festival. However, when another band is unable to perform, Eva and her friends grab the opportunity to perform. With determination and teamwork, they set out to form their own band.

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We hope that our list of chapter books for 5 year olds has given you some great options and that you and your kid will have fun exploring these exciting chapter books together.

The chapter books recommended in this list have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and are considered some of the best Chapter Books For 5 Year Olds. While I may not have personally read all of these chapter books, they have been highly recommended by other readers.

We would love to hear from you about which chapter book your kid enjoyed the most, or if there is a favorite chapter book that we missed. Please leave your comments and feedback below.

Best wishes and happy reading to you and your family!

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